Watching the Bible

14 million people tuned in. Can they get turned on?

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(13) Deborah Litwack, March 17, 2013 5:49 PM

Network TV should hire Charlie Harary

to do a series on the Bible. His style would touch the masses and turn them on to authentic ideas of the bible!

(12) jeff g., March 14, 2013 5:50 PM

bible stories for dimwits

My wife and I watched most of 1 episode of this series. It was painful! Never mind the bad acting. It's the writers of this drivel who should be sent to sit in the corner, in SOMEONE'S bible class. One can forgive the innacuracies. At least 3 generations of viewers have done so, for Charlton Heston, Yul Brynner, et al! But the way they jumped over major events, in order to disrupt the Jewish continuity, wasd unforgivable: We saw Isaac as a young lad, objecting to being sacrificed by his Divine-fevered dad, then running to the comfort of his mom's arms (no room here to enumerate the errors!). Then a big jump over the lives of 2 avot...and nothing until young Moses, living in a time when the Hebrew slaves had supposedly all but forgotten about the covenant with Hashem. And, even worse, the series offers an alternate (and false) "continuity": Episode 1 alluding to Christian prophecy through made-up imagery (e.g. Abraham looks up and sees the silhouettes of 3 angels on a mountain ridge, rather than these visitors walking into his camp like mortal men; and such visitors, for the region! One a tall, noble African and one a sword-wielding samurai! Try to convince me the producers weren't trying to allude to the foreign kings who later come to bear spicy gifts to a certain baby in a barn... Haven't bothered to catch Episode 2. I'd rather pull out my kids' old Prince of Egypt dvd!

Anonymous, March 19, 2013 4:53 PM

Thought I was the only one who didn't like "The Bible".

I'm a Christian who has studied the Torah and the Bible. I thought the acting was AWFUL! I'm not a scholar, but I could tell the series was full of inaccuracies. People who like the series probably have never read the Bible. Otherwise, how can one explain the series' success?

(11) Rebecca C., March 13, 2013 9:32 AM


While I did not see this TV special, I have seen others and heard radio broadcasts about the bible. We might take heart in the idea that people are watching/listening to these, but sometimes historians do shows like this precisely to convince people that the Bible is simply a man-made story, and not the word of God. I'd be hesitant before extolling a TV series about the bible. At least take a critical look at it first.

(10) Anonymous, March 13, 2013 1:46 AM


My husband and I started watching this mini series and had to turn it off because of how bad it was. A highly inaccurate portrayal of the Torah. It was more like an adult recreating the Bible stories he had heard of as a child without actually reading the stories, then adding in some sword fighting ninja angels to destroy the people of Sodom. People can get excited by the Bible without all the additions and "creative license" of this mini series.

(9) Anonymous, March 12, 2013 7:13 PM

We don't have the history channel but we were able to watch the first hour of the first time it was on, was very disappointed that it showed when Abraham took Issac for the akeidah and he was portrayed as around 12 years old, I wish if they are going to all that trouble of producing a movie that they would get history straight.

(8) Carrie, March 12, 2013 7:07 PM

Why does Moses look line and old homeless person?

This was such a bad production, I had to stop watching. Moses, raised with the Pharoah in the palace, now a Midianite sheikh, looked like a very old bum. Surly the women of those times new how to weave lovely clothes, groom hair, etc. So much was left out. They covered the plagues nearly as fast as a Seder leader.

I could go on and on, but this was a film bust.

Anonymous, March 13, 2013 3:38 AM

Moses was old

Moses was old at that time, and he'd lived in the desert 40yrs, among sheep, etc, a Midianite tribe

(7) Aurimas, March 12, 2013 6:07 PM

People don't see benefits of studying the Bible. They believe they already know everything there is to know. They have erronious convictions and are ready to fight for them.
The starting point, I suggest, is to show them that this topic may actually benefit them - show them advantages of living the Torah way.

(6) Antonio Perez, March 12, 2013 5:19 PM

Going from watching the Bible to living the Bible

Putting faith into action is a strong deterant to disbelief. Those men and women who fought for and founded Israel put their faith into action. In our day, it could be contributing to a charity, helping someone in need out, or volunteering. Not too difficult. For those of us who believe, to obey is better than sacrifice.

(5) Rachel, March 12, 2013 5:07 PM

Why do you assume most viewers aren't already "turned on"?

Rabbi, the US is a country of more than 300 million people, and a large majority identify themselves as "Christian". It seems likely that many of those watching this program are doing so for religious reasons. Furthermore, the miniseries may contain episodes from the New Testament.
I frankly think there's some implied arrogance here -- that because there aren't 14 miillion Orthodox Jewish viewers, everyone else watching must be lacking religion and a knowledge of the Bible.
It's also the season when "religious" themed-films are popular -- everything from Spielberg's animated "The Prince of Egypt" to the blockbuster "The Ten Commandments". So on the other hand, there are bound to be some people watching for pure entertainment. After all, there's sex and violence aplenty in parts of the Bible, if that's a turn on!

(4) Anonymous, March 12, 2013 4:55 PM


What's with the black Samson? Please educate me.

(3) Daniel, March 12, 2013 4:39 PM

What Would It Take...?

Dear R'Salomon,

In my humble opinion, I believe that if the majority of Rabbonim would decide the following two things, that not only would those 14 million viewers who watched that TV show about the Bible, do something, but the rest of the world would too, and that is,

1) Decide that the Beit HaMiqdash (The Temple) must be REBUILT, instead of hoping that it will come floating down from 'the realm of the heavens'

2) Once the majority have agreed on point #1, then muster up a ton of 'emunah' (faith / trust in G*D), lay the cornerstones, and start rebuilding - ASAP.

Just my 1/2 shekel worth,


(2) bonnie, March 12, 2013 3:07 PM

the Bible

I have watched the Bible and it is not even close to telling the truth of what happened in the Bible. They left out many important part. I wonder why?

(1) Anonymous, March 11, 2013 1:12 AM

It would take convincing proof that the bible is true

To answer your question of what it would take from going to "watching the bible" to "living a meaningful life based on the bible"? It would take convincing proof that the bible is true. The main reason most people don't live up to the bible's standard is because the overwhelming majority of people doubt its authenticity. That's all it comes down to - doubt that the bible is Divine.


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