Pope Francis’s Visit to Israel

Christians and Jews face a common enemy: radical Islam.

I’m So Embarrassed!

Help! I love my parents but I think they are an embarrassment.

Mean Girl Sleeping Over

You don’t have to have a relationship with someone who doesn’t treat you well.

Brain Scams

The latest neuro-nonsense is part of a larger drive towards reductionism in science.

Bring Back Our Girls

What do 276 girls kidnapped in Nigeria have to do with me?

What Was Aish.com Thinking?

Readers want to know: Why did Aish.com post Tal Fortgang’s article, “Checking My Privilege”?

Becoming Too Jewish

I’m exploring my Jewish roots and bringing more spirituality into our lives, but my husband wants no part of it.

Grandma Coming to Stay

Honoring someone who thinks and acts differently than you do.

Fighting Cancer through Comics

A widow gives hope to children fighting cancer with a unique graphic novel that contains Jewish themes.

Checking My Privilege

Why I don't apologize for white privilege.

The Rise of the Non-Affiliated

Why does religious affiliation continue to drop?

The $20 Gift for a Soldier

How an 8-year-old boy transformed $20 into a priceless gift.

The Donald Sterling Affair

His words were vulgar and bigoted, but private.

Iran’s Cry for Freedom

A mother and daughter are giving a voice to 77 million Iranians being denied their freedom.

Fears of Abuse

Is my friend in an abusive marriage?

A Web of Lies

My teacher told me not to tell my friend what he said.

No E-Mails After 6pm

Five ways to use the momentum of Passover to break free from electronic slavery.

Am I Being Over-Protective?

My 10-year-old son and his friends want to cross a busy street by themselves and get ice cream. Should I let him?

A Passover Shocker

What one 8 year old boy asked his father at the Seder.

Feeling Jealous

I recently met people who are just as good at my special talent as I am!

Noah à la Hollywood

The movie is a distortion of the Torah.

Serving Halal in the Cafeteria

Does this conflict with bringing religion in public schools?

The Passover Seder Balancing Act

Help! Most of our relatives want to get the Seder over quickly and eat, and I want to make it meaningful.

Echoes of the Big Bang

The recent discovery of primordial gravitational waves supports the Torah’s account of creation, and may shed light on the age of the universe enigma.

Touchscreen: Poetry Slam

Is technology making us less human?

Why We Love Zombies

The undead remind us of what it means to be human.

My Husband Moved Out

My 77-year-old husband told me he needed a break and moved into his own apartment. I’m hurt and angry.

Seeking Love & Comfort

Help! I wanted to buy a pacifier. What is happening to me?

The Talmudic Formula for Success

I made my fortune but didn’t feel successful. What was missing?

Suing Parents

Children went from being our employees to our bosses, replacing responsibility with entitlement.

Purim & The Academy Awards

Matthew McConaughey and finding God in mysterious places.

Jealous of Autistic Sibling

Our eldest son is acting out in strange ways. Is this a passing phase or a cry for help?

Harold Ramis’ Search for Meaning

The writer and director of Groundhog Day passes away, leaving behind a legacy of funny, thoughtful films.

WhatsApp and the Joy of Adar

From penniless immigrant to billionaire, Jan Koum’s fortune captures the joy of possibility.

Shaking Hands with Women

Would you support a candidate who doesn’t shake hands with the opposite sex?

How Do I Stop a Harmful Habit?

How can someone change a habit or their thought process?

Nazi Collaborator or Hero?

Claude Lansmann’s film, The Last of the Unjust, explores the moral ramifications of Benjamin Murmelstein’s pact with the devil.

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