Echoes of the Big Bang

The recent discovery of primordial gravitational waves supports the Torah’s account of creation, and may shed light on the age of the universe enigma.

Touchscreen: Poetry Slam

Is technology making us less human?

Why We Love Zombies

The undead remind us of what it means to be human.

My Husband Moved Out

My 77-year-old husband told me he needed a break and moved into his own apartment. I’m hurt and angry.

Seeking Love & Comfort

Help! I wanted to buy a pacifier. What is happening to me?

The Talmudic Formula for Success

I made my fortune but didn’t feel successful. What was missing?

Suing Parents

Children went from being our employees to our bosses, replacing responsibility with entitlement.

Purim & The Academy Awards

Matthew McConaughey and finding God in mysterious places.

Jealous of Autistic Sibling

Our eldest son is acting out in strange ways. Is this a passing phase or a cry for help?

Harold Ramis’ Search for Meaning

The writer and director of Groundhog Day passes away, leaving behind a legacy of funny, thoughtful films.

WhatsApp and the Joy of Adar

From penniless immigrant to billionaire, Jan Koum’s fortune captures the joy of possibility.

Shaking Hands with Women

Would you support a candidate who doesn’t shake hands with the opposite sex?

How Do I Stop a Harmful Habit?

How can someone change a habit or their thought process?

Nazi Collaborator or Hero?

Claude Lansmann’s film, The Last of the Unjust, explores the moral ramifications of Benjamin Murmelstein’s pact with the devil.

Alcohol and Jews

It’s time to take this problem seriously.

Am I the Mother-in-Law from Hell?

How can I fix this mess so I don't lose my only grandchild?

Electronic Heroin

An inside look at a controversial rehabilitation center in China that is “deprogramming” teenagers who are addicted to the Internet.

Skating to Schindler’s List

Yulia Lipnitskaya’s Olympic performance: breathtaking or bad taste?

Cross-Dressing Kid?

What should I do about my little sister who likes to wear men’s clothing?

The Death of Phillip Seymour Hoffman

Addiction is a dreadful disease. As an addict, I know.

Sochi: Living with Terror

A taste of what it’s like to live in some Israeli cities.

Daughter’s Rude Boyfriend

Is it superficial or is my daughter dating a real jerk?

Wealth Addiction

When a $3.6 million bonus isn’t enough.

Q&A for Teens: Lousy Teacher

I hate one of my teachers. What should I do?

Jonathan Pollard & America

Pollard should have been released years ago because discrimination and unfairness are anti-American ideas.

Enforcing a Modesty Code

Can privately-owned stores dictate how we dress in their store?

I Am Beautiful

What do girls see when they look into the mirror?

Extravagant Weddings

Is it okay to spend loads of money on a private affair?

Not All Dreams Are Created Equal

Martin Luther King had a dream. Did his wife and family support it?

Daughter Is Happy, But My Heart Breaks

Sometimes the best advice is to do nothing.

The Most Essential Tool in Marriage

Thanks for the newlywed tips, but here’s one more. And I think it’s critical.

Apple Misunderstands

An Apple commercial equates recording life with actually living it.

Q&A for Teens: Depressed and All My Fault

The key to your healing is: “I am a worthy creation simply because God created me.”

New York Post’s Shameful Cover

The headline shows a frightening disregard for the value of human life.

7 Biblical Secrets to Business Success

Everything I needed to be successful in business I learned in Jewish Day School.

Good Riddance Day

A new custom for removing trash from your life echoes the burning of chametz before Passover. The similarity is no accident.’s Top 10 of 2013

Revisiting the most popular articles and videos of the year.

Laughing with the Kabbalist

An Orthodox woman’s unusual encounter with a kabbalist lays the groundwork for her thriller novel just published by the New York Review of Books

A Letter to My Body

I love and respect you, but I don’t want my life to revolve around you.


Have money, avoid prison – and responsibility.

Michelangelo & the Meaning of the New Year

5774 or 2014? The theological debate behind the artist’s masterpiece.

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