Malala at the United Nations

Books and pens are our most powerful weapons.

Elderly & Chinese Law

For American parents it’s very often no more than a fantasy, but it’s now the law in China.

Terrorist on Rolling Stone Cover

Where is our human decency and compassion?

Tootsie & Beauty Bias

Dustin Hoffman would never have given Tootsie a second look.

Zimmerman Acquittal

It’s not easy to have the humility to say we don’t know.

Learning to Cope

One vital ingredient in the psychotherapeutic process: Just talk.

Dear Emuna: Changing My Husband

How can I help my husband change a certain trait?

Klezmer’s Virtuoso

Patience and perseverance: Andy Statman’s journey through Judaism and music.

Q&A for Teens: Homesick at Camp

I want to go to sleep-away camp, but I know I’ll be homesick!

Paula Deen’s Words

We all make mistakes. It’s our unwillingness to take responsibility for them that ultimately harms us.

James Gandolfini, RIP

A lesson from Sopranos’ mafia kingpin.

Dear Emuna: Is It Time for Therapy?

Should I take my teenage daughter to a therapist?

Q & A for Teens: Exam Anxiety

I’m so stressed and afraid I’m going to get bad grades!

Superman & the Jewish Mission

We all want to live in a world where goodness triumphs over evil.

Wake Up the Patient

Should you wait for a sleeping patient to wake up?

Dear Emuna: No Plans for Summer

Should I let my teenaged son hang out with his friends or should I insist on a plan?

We’re All Number One

Choosing more than one valedictorian distorts the value of equality.

Surveillance and Privacy

Every moment is being recorded for posterity.

Thumbs Down Redux

And here’s what the Rabbi said…

Q&A for Teens: Nobody Loves Me

I don’t trust people. I think everyone hates me. Can you help me?

Thumbs Down!

Is it okay to write a negative review online?

Words Hurt

Choose them carefully.

Dear Emuna: Grown Apart

I feel distant from my wife. What can I do to save our marriage?

The Bottom of Your Shoes

Wear them out, making the world a better place.

LA’s Jewish Mayor

Why his election doesn’t make me burst with pride (yet).

Q&A for Teens: People Connection

With a few precious minutes, you can change a kid’s life.

The Feminist Rabbi

My definition of feminism is at odds with many. Let the dialogue begin.

Abercrombie & Fitch: Not Cool

The company is feeding into our skewed emphasis on body image.

London Horror: Eye for an Eye

The terrorist invoked the Torah’s principle “an eye for an eye” to justify his violence. He’s tragically misguided.

Oklahoma Tornado

When there are no words, there are tears.

Lottery Mania

$600 million: Is it the American dream or the American nightmare?

Dear Emuna: My Overweight Husband

Help! My new husband is gaining a lot of weight!

Q&A for Teens: Having a Boyfriend

Is there something wrong with dating before being ready to marry?

Disneyland & Shavuot

What are you doing 3 am this Wednesday?

The 10 Commandments for Our Times

Now more than ever, the world can benefit from the Decalogue’s contemporary lessons.

Rescue in Cleveland

Charles Ramsey’s past doesn’t negate the heroism he showed in rescuing Amanda Berry.

Apologies, Apologies

Why saying “I’m sorry” is so difficult.

Dear Emuna: The Travelling Husband

Help! My husband is planning a business trip right after I’m due!

Q&A for Teens: Our Efforts Vs. God’s Will

Maybe God’s plan would have been different if I had acted differently?

Interfaith Marriages

Surprising findings from a new study.

Boston Lockdown

Terrorists can’t take away our essential freedom.

Jorel’s Bar Mitzvah

It takes more than a viral video to become a man

Dear Emuna: Joining Israel’s Army

Help! My son wants to enlist in the Israel Defense Forces.

Boston Aftermath

The resilience of American liberty is not about to change.

Confronting Terror in Boston

Learning from Israelis how to respond to terror.

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