Dear Emuna: Rescuing My Daughter

Should I help pay her out of a bind or let her suffer the consequences?

Jewish Person of the Year

Who has contributed the most to the Jewish people this year?

Les Misérables and the Bible

Reconciling God’s attribute of Justice with Mercy.

How to Choose a Career

Judaism’s five-piece framework for finding a career that really fits.

Preventing Another Massacre

Good laws will never abolish all evil.

A Hero in Connecticut

Where did a first grade teacher get the strength to perform her extraordinary act of bravery?

Q & A for Teens: Can’t Talk

Help! Something's really bothering me but I just can't get myself to talk!

The Connecticut School Shooting

Asking why in the aftermath of tragedy.

Battle of the Bulge

Is it okay to tell your friend to lose weight?

Radio Prank Gone Wrong

Kate Middleton's nurse and the unpredictable consequences of one’s actions.

Hanukkah: Why 8 Days?

The special meaning of the number 8 in Judaism.

Dear Emuna: After the Divorce

I get along with my ex-husband, perhaps too well.

Stevie Wonder Scorns the IDF

Pop star stands on the “wrong side” of history.

Playing God

How far would you go in using medical technology to enhance your life?

World Opinion & Israel

How much does it really matter?

Dear Emuna: Second Chance Mom

I don’t like how I raised my daughter. Is there a chance for a do-over?

The Kabbalistic Life of Pi

The surprising Jewish connection hidden inside the bestselling book and new film.

Q&A for Teens: Weight Obsession

My family’s obsession with my weight is ruining my life. But why do I let their words get to me?

The Petraeus Profile

How we can understand why this happened.

Thanking the Invisible Hand

Thanksgiving weekend is made possible by a vast number of strangers. Don’t take it for granted.

General Petraeus & Us

It’s no wonder Judaism forbids a man from being alone with a woman who is not his wife.

Pictures Don't Smell

Finding a way to help Sandy’s victims.


Left-right, blue-red, rich-poor. With the U.S. elections over, how can the healing begin?

Dear Emuna: Parent Invasion

Help! My parents are visiting for three weeks and my life is upside down!

Q&A for Teens: I Want to be ME

How can I always be true to who I am no matter who is around me?

The Hearts of Kings

The presidential election looms. Does it really matter who wins?

Slovie’s Hurricane Sandy Diary

A personal glimpse into a world turned upside down.

Voting for Mom

The campaign advisor warned my mother: “You can’t win unless you campaign on Saturday.”

Taking Sandy Personally

The true answer to, “What does it all mean?”

Hurricane Sandy

Why the key to rain remains in God’s hands.

The Fury of Frankenstorm

Five ways to bring awe into your life.

Dear Emuna: Former Party Animal

I have a pretty wild past and am slowly becoming observant. How do I forgive myself? Will a nice Jewish boy ever accept me?

The Presidential Debates

Do our preconceived notions prevent us from really listening?

Visiting the Sick

Reaching out to others in difficult times.

Q&A for Teens: Disconnected Jew

I don’t feel a spiritual connection with God or the Jewish community. How do I start feeling that I belong?

Post-Holiday Blues

How to keep growing spiritually after the holiday blitz.

Jennifer Livingston: The Fat Anchor

Can fat people be good role models?

Jews & Birthdays

Why I won’t be celebrating my birthday.

Malala Vs. The Taliban

A 14 year old school girl threatens the Taliban. Lessons from Malala Yousafzai’s incredible courage.

The Great Ocean of Truth

Despite the staggering discoveries made by science, the universe is still shrouded in awesome mystery.

Debunking the Beauty Myth

Dealing with someone’s eating disorder made me realize that her struggle was mine as well.

Dear Emuna: My Husband’s Unwanted Gift

I don’t want to be a spoiled brat, but why can’t he buy me something I actually want?

Q&A for Teens: The Only Observant Jew

I’m the only observant Jew in my community, my family, and my school, and I feel so alone.

Simchat Torah: Just Show Up!

Experience the sheer joy of being Jewish and celebrate.

Ahmadinejad is #UNWELCOME

We cannot remain silent while a man this evil visits New York and addresses the UN.

Dear Emuna: Yom Kippur & Guilt

How to break the vicious cycle of not keeping resolutions.

Q&A for Teens: You Can Forgive

Forgiving someone means you’re not going to allow your anger against them to hurt you anymore.

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