Q&A for Teens: You Can Forgive

Forgiving someone means you’re not going to allow your anger against them to hurt you anymore.

Making Rosh Hashanah Meaningful

It’s time to get out of your comfort zone.

50 Ways Girls can Feel Good about Themselves

Effective tips for teenage girls in a world where perfection is the new standard.

A Domestic Violence Situation

Lying there on the gurney with the sirens blaring, I could no longer deny the reality.

Q&A for Teens: New School Nerves

I’m starting a new school and I’m freaking out!

My Battle with Postpartum Depression

Even though I felt myself being sucked into an abyss of darkness, I refused to reach out for help.

Dear Emuna: My Husband, the Smoker

My husband started smoking again two years ago. It scares me and I hate it.

Cosmo & Helen Gurley Brown

Many young women are realizing just how damaging were her views.

Q&A for Teens: Stop Staring at Me

People always stare at me because I’m beautiful and I hate it.

Synagogue Dues

Can’t live with them. Can’t survive without them.

The Sikh Temple Shooting

Empathy takes work, but it’s the basis of human decency.

Wistrich on "The Left, the Jews and Israel"

Why so many Jewish socialists abandoned their people and heritage.

Dear Emuna: Not Married

Will my kids ever get married?

Q&A for Teens: Resilience

My scary question: Am I damaged beyond repair?

Holding Back Our Daughters

Are we hurting our daughters’ future?

Dark Knight Rises

Unfortunately, tragedies happen. But we must rise again and find a way to grow.

Do You Eat Kosher?

The surprisingly most common Jewish practice. Why?

Dear Emuna: The Mother of the Groom’s Partner

The groom requests that I tell other guests that I am a family friend.

You Didn't Build That

Judaism's approach to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Q&A for Teens: How Can I Change My Friend?

My friend has changed drastically and I don’t know how to handle it.

Stephen Covey & the Jewish 7 Habits

How the fundamental principles of his groundbreaking book can be found in Judaic sources.

Completing the Talmud

Why every Jew should come to the Siyum HaShas on Aug 1st.

Of Presidents and God

Are you comfortable with a President who prays?

Abuse of Power

Does wealth dehumanize people?

Dear Emuna: Daughter Gone Wild

How can I show my daughter love if she doesn’t want us in her new life?

Bullying Grandma on the Bus

Karen Huff Klein teaches us a valuable lesson for The Three Weeks.

The Truth about Divorce

Does every other marriage really end in divorce? Don't believe it.

Dear Emuna: Revisiting Zuckerberg’s Intermarriage

How could you simply ignore the fact that Mark Zuckerberg intermarried?

Mothers at Work

Are we fulfilling our unique mission, despite the demands in our lives?

Q&A for Teens: I Want an iPhone

Many people these days are suffering from “I-deserve-it-It’s-coming-to-me”-itis.

Outsourcing Life

A look behind the new phenomenon of mourners for hire and friends for rent.

Dear Emuna: The Zuckerberg Contract

Should my fiancé and I write up a relationship contract that spells out expectations of each other?

Defining Success: Steve Jobs or Bill Gates?

What will you leave behind: an inheritance or a legacy?

Q&A for Teens: I Don’t Measure Up

I’m not really good at anything and I don’t think there’s anything to do about it.

War on Junk Food

Are Disney and Mayor Bloomberg out of line?

The Myth of Work/Family Balance

Finding your own rhythm in the work/family dance.

Real Courage

It’s no accident that there are two different words in Hebrew for courage.

The Cult of Self Esteem

In real life, not everyone is a winner.

The Lockerbie Bomber

Prison compassion – justice or folly?

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