A House of Hopes

Mikvah and motherhood: Frankly, I never thought I'd enter either institution.

Dear Emuna: Breaking the Abusive Pattern

Am I destined to become an abusive mother because I was abused?

Shabbat Comes to the White House

Jacob Lew is appointed White House Chief of Staff. Is that good for the Jews?

Bar Mitzvah Gifts

What's the most appropriate gift to give a Bar Mitzvah boy?

Politics Not as Usual

As Holocaust refugees, my parents cherished their right and civic duty to vote.

Q&A for Teens: Stop Criticizing Me!

My teacher keeps kicking me out of class for being rude.

Women on the Bus

I know I am supposed to feel like a repressed, suppressed, oppressed and perhaps depressed victim. But what if I don’t?

Dear Emuna: Embarrassed to be Religious

Help! I've become observant, the antithesis of how I used to think.

Jew Vs. Jew

This is a despicable misrepresentation of our beloved Torah.

The Priest in a Synagogue

Is it an appropriate place for a speech?

My Fair Chance

One man's strong religious beliefs motivate him to overcome a crippling illness and rebuild a successful business.

Q&A for Teens: Getting High: A Smokescreen?

I'm tempted to smoke marijuana but feel guilty since I know my parents disapprove.

How Much Do You Make?

Should you know how much non-profit directors make?

Dear Emuna: My Short Husband

I'm ashamed to admit it but my husband's short stature bothers me.

Q&A for Teens: My Clothes, My Body

How do you want to present yourself to the world?

Is Anybody There?

New studies demonstrate how people thought to be in an irreversible “vegetative” state showed signs of full consciousness.

Cell Phone & Kids

At what age should your child own a cell phone?

Anti-Semetic Vodka Ads?

Yes, Jews are cheap, and proud of it.

Dear Emuna: The ATM Parent

Help! My teenage daughter isn't interested in having a relationship with me.

Q&A for Teens: Mirror, Mirror

I think I'm ugly. Why was God so unfair to me?

Thanksgiving: Making Americans

Growing up, raising kids to be good Jews went hand-in-hand with raising them to be good Americans.

Selling a Baby's Name

For $20,000 would you sell the right to name your baby?

Counterpoint: Penn State Scandal Revisited

The Torah demands that we not judge the moral conduct of the people involved without knowing what they actually saw and did.

Getting Your Dream Job

When we dare to believe, we create our own “job possibility."

The Penn State Scandal

Coach Paterno may have followed the rules, but is that enough?

Herman Cain’s Women Problem

How Jewish guidelines of male-female relationships could have helped.

Q&A for Teens: Rock Star

I'm bored and want to drop out of high school to go on tour with a rock band.

Dear Emuna: Why Daddy Left

How do I explain to my son why his father isn't coming back?

Peter Pan Parent

Some parents never want to grow up.

One Lingering Question

Sometimes clarity comes from thinking the unthinkable.

Dear Emuna: Resenting My Mother

My mother wasn't there for me growing up and I can't let go of the old feelings of abandonment.

Going Against Medical Advice

What to do when you disagree with your doctor.

Dear Emuna: Smothered in Love

I want the connection with my kids so badly but they keep pushing me away.

Sukkot and the Secret of Happiness

Success is getting what you want; happiness is wanting what you get.

Till 2013 Do We Part

Should marriage be declared temporary?

Remembering Steve Jobs

Jobs' wanted to better mankind with his gift. This spirit of creativity is central to Judaism.

Yom Kippur: The Blessing of Failure

Recognizing our shortcomings is the only way to achieve success in life.

Dear Emuna: Teenage Driver

Help! My 16-year-old daughter wants to get her driver's license! Am I being too overprotective?

A Dignified Murder

My father survived the Nazis. Now he’s surviving the hospital that tried to kill him.

Dear Emuna: Harem of Admirers

He promises me exclusivity once we get engaged. Should I believe him?

Souls Shining Through

My Alzheimer's patients taught me the essence of who we really are.

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