MTV's Skins Controversy

Children today are like leatherback turtles lured away from the life-giving ocean by the glare of artificial lights.

The Jewish Ethicist: Regulating Doctors' Fees

Public authorities are empowered to balance affordability and availability.

My Escape from Child Abuse

Setting boundaries with abusive (or difficult) parents.

Dear Emuna: Repairing Broken Homes

How do I get my estranged stepson to honor his father?

The New Age

Turning 50, am I over the hill?

Learning Kabbalah

How authentic is Ashton Kutcher's Torah?

Rav Noah's Wisdom

One piece of wisdom from Rabbi Weinberg that changed my life.

Tucson: Voices of Patience and Wisdom

When a tragedy like the one in Tucson strikes, most of us would do well to keep silence.

My Big Issue

When food took over my life, I eventually weighed up to the matter.

Dear Emuna: Bashert Seeking

I really like him but I'm looking for someone to spend the rest of my life with and he's happy with casual.

The Shooting of Gabrielle Giffords

Judaism's timeless formula for moments like this.

The Facebook Challenge

How to use Facebook to build rather than destroy.

The Snow Job

Have you ever felt truly helpless?

Adventures in Pole Vaulting

The winning mindset for athletes – and for life.

Losing the Customer

If only we'd make all our decisions looking at the long term.

Surgery On a Neo-Nazi

Oath vs. principle: what would you do?

Dear Emuna: I Don't Love You Just the Way You Are

Advice for a critical husband, a grieving community and a financially struggling couple.

Stephen Hawking & God

Is God needed to create the universe?

I Don't

Is divorce the new marriage?

Is Criminalizing Holocaust Denial Wise?

Such statutes create a dangerous precedent to outlaw other discussions as beyond the pale.

The Mark Madoff Tragedy

Do the sins of the fathers get transmitted to the children?

Dear Emuna: I Can't Forgive

I want to stop hating a group of friends who tormented me throughout high school, but I can't.

The Islamophobia Myth

For Jews and Muslims tension and hostility are the exception. America's exemplary tolerance is the rule.

The Natural Order

Approaching the boundaries of nature with trepidation.


Does the fact that something is true always justify its being made public?

Chanukah and the Heroic Jewish Woman

Are we willing to fight for what’s right?

The Jewish Ethicist: Supporting Dad

My father has a very low income, but owns a very large house. And he's disinheriting me. Am I obligated to support him?

Dear Emuna: The Non-Jewish Boyfriend

Did I go too far in telling our daughter we would not attend the wedding?

The Cheerio King

As an internist, I often see stress and anxiety masquerade as physical ailments. What is happening to our freedom?


I contacted the scammer in Nigeria who stole my email account and he actually replied.

The Jewish Ethicist: My Idol!

Spiritual danger arises when performance is given a status far beyond its marginal importance.

Dear Emuna: Meddling Mother

Why doesn't my daughter appreciate that all I want is for her to be happy?

Mikvah Courage

Sometimes it takes courage to enter the waters of the mikvah.

The Jewish Ethicist: Reuben Hood

Judaism commands the rich to help the poor, but doesn't condone the use of force or fraud.

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