The Rosh Yeshiva: A Personal Farewell -

Our greatest gift to him is to carry on his legacy.

Back to the Dark Ages

The Vatican has done far more than set back Vatican/Jewish relations. It has made itself look like it is living in the darkest of ages.

Papal Shocker

Pope Benedict reinstates Holocaust denying Bishop

The Man at the Door

It's hard to make a decent living.

A Front Row Seat to History

I voted for McCain and still wept for joy at the inauguration.

Flight 1549

Nothing catalyzes us like crisis.

Off the Air

Can you keep your mind on the road while you talk?

My Death Sentence

It never occurred to me that my family and I would be sentenced to death again for the crime of being born Jewish.

The Scales of Kindness

Make sure that act of kindness isn't at the expense of someone else.

The Robot Within

One small blessing in the economic downturn.


How the Bielski Partisans built a village amidst the Nazi death machine.

Kosher in the White House

Reflections from a Washington insider.

The Jewish Ethicist: Witness for Hire, Part 2

Expert witnesses may not slant their testimony with an eye to future business.

Outliers: A Jewish Perspective

Malcolm Gladwell and The Ten Thousand Hour Rule.

My Citicorp Moment

The gift of being fired.

Divine Face

Can any woman measure up to the models in Vogue?

The Jewish Ethicist: Warehouse and Home

You can get rid of supplies left in your house, but do it thoughtfully.

Black Friday in Wal-mart

They came to shop and ended up killing.

All or Nothing

A philosophy that just doesn't work.


Reality hit, along with depression. No job. And worse, no chances of finding a new one either.

Lincoln's Thanksgiving Proclamation

I do therefore invite my fellow-citizens... to set apart... a day of thanksgiving and praise to our beneficent Father who dwelleth in the heavens.

Biblical Archeology: Bringing the Bible to Life

Independent sources confirm many of the major and minor characters of the Bible.

The Music of Recession

Sometimes life is so hard, you just have to sing.

The Time to Reinvest is Now

Don't ask Mr. Soros or Mr. Buffett about when it is time to reinvest. Ask yourself.

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