I Am No Nazi

The remarkable discovery of Friedrich Kellner's World War II diary.

When Roger Struck Out

We all write our own legacy. Dare to tell the truth.

Praising Paris

…Sarkozy's educational bombshell.

Movies Matter

Why Michael Medved, America's "cultural crusader," thinks they do.

An Atheist Turns

Unable to disprove the message, The NY Times tries to discredit the messenger.

Praying with Ire

Should Jews care about Christian prayers?

Rap, Hip Hop & Look Out

Should we be censoring our kids' music?

A Jew in the NFL

An interview with Alan Veingrad, winner of a Super Bowl ring, and now an observant Jew.

Shock Value

Does the Holocaust belong at a parade?

The Jewish Ethicist - Price Fixing

Restraining trade is sanctioned only when it serves the public interest.

Get a Life

No day should go by without living life, at least for a brief while.

Being There

What would you stand in the cold for?


A college campus psychiatrist tells students everything they really need to know about intimacy.

Sanctity of the Human Body

Do we own our bodies, or are they only on loan?

Jewish Americans or American Jews

How we have managed to retain our roots and embrace change?.

Too Modest for TV?

An author finds herself at the frontlines of a new generational battle.

Not a Doctor's Decision

An assault on the concept of the sanctity of life.

Want, Want. Spend, Spend.

Why we are getting swallowed up in debt?

The Jewish Ethicist - Flawed Freebies

Don't pressure a struggling business owner into providing free services.

V is for Victim

Victimization is becoming the greatest defense strategy known to mankind.

Women Deserve Better

It's long past time for women to stand up for who we truly are.

Buy German?

Is it okay for Jews to buy German products?

Slideshow: The Art of Yoram Raanan

The canvas as a conduit for the light Above.

The Ultimate Chanukah Gift

Better than an iPod or a Play Station or a sweater.

Finding Meaning in Hollywood

I'm good at telling funny stories in 22 minutes. I can choose to attach holiness to that, or not.

Jimmy Carter: Man from Plains

The film is as painful to watch as your last root canal, without the benefit of gaining something positive from the experience.

Saving the Children

Four ways to prevent accidents at home.

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