Jews and Power

If Jews are so smart, how come we are so stupid?

Averting Autopsies

Jewish law vs. State law -- who wins?

The Visitor

The stranger in our home.

The Jewish Ethicist - Smart and Rich

It's okay to profit from superior knowledge if it was fairly obtained.

Burning Questions

What would you do if you had 10 minutes to get out of your home, not knowing whether it will still be there tomorrow?

Date with Myself

A busy mother goes on a solo vacation and finds answers to some tough questions.

The Value of Chasya's Life

Pressured by doctors to stop her young daughter's life-support, a mother searches to understand the value of human life.

Rocky Mountain High

The secret of success -- on the field and off.

Banning the Bible

Should prisoners be prohibited from learning Jewish texts?


How do we balance respecting the dead with the need to help the living?

Do You Mind if I Ask

Through the years of coping with my son's illness, I've encountered the best in people, and the worst.

Terror in Black September

My story of hijackings, captivity and war.

My Costco Angel

The manager made a red X on my receipt and took my carts away.

Witness at Darfur

Brian Steidle's experiences in Darfur propelled him to become one of the foremost activists trying to focus the world's attention on the ongoing genocide.

My Life List

Things to do while you're alive.

Sub-Prime Meltdown

What the mortgage banking industry can teach us about Rosh Hashana.

Selling Your Soul

Do we each have our price?

Challenging the UN's Darker Side

With Durban II now in the works, the UN secretary general can choose to speak truth to power now.

The Blow-Out

Don't let life's little aches become a thorn in your side.

Truth and the Armenian Genocide

Genocide denial must be intolerable, above all to those for whom "never again" is a sacred principle.

Altering Genes

Would it be good if we could genetically alter human characteristics like IQ and height?

Making Room for Moderates

The vicissitudes of genuine Muslim moderates.

Stop the Cutting

Helping your teen eliminate self-injury.

Lost & Found

If I don't give up hope of finding something, it still belongs to me.


Big Brother may really be watching.

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