The Jewish Ethicist: Middleman Muddle

My real estate agent doesn't know I rented the apartment she found for me.


Spider-Man mirrors the consciousness of Jewish activists. So says the creator of a Jewish superhero comic series.

State's Terror Untruths

This year's report on "Patterns of Global Terrorism" veers into unreliability and even falsehood. It's a dangerous document likely to harm the war on terrorism.

Elliott Gould: An Actor's Life

Elliott Gould discusses Jewish identity, education and the risks and benefits of being an actor in this candid interview.

Calling All Jewish Superheroes

Hollywood may not produce films with these superheroes, but the appearance of any of the following individuals would be greatly appreciated.

The TV Fix

Turn off the tube, turn on your mind.

Bringing Work Back Home

Confessions of an unbalanced mom. An excerpt from the new book, "Life's Work."

The Jewish Ethicist: Fast Service

Customers feel they're being cheated by my prompt service. Can I shlep out the repairs?

Anti-Semitic Awakening

Why does such vile enmity wrack Europe, while America not only remains free of it but persists in standing by Israel in the present clash with the Palestinians?

The Jewish Ethicist: Is Business Ethical?

Isn't the Biblical ideal to engage in productive activity, not in trade where each person tries to take advantage of the other?

When The Ship Comes In

Written in 1963, the words to this song are still relevant.

Professional Confidentiality in Jewish Law

When a patient has a medical condition that will endanger others, should the doctor tell?

Women At Work

Let's get something perfectly clear: Jewish women work. One of my neighbors is a nuclear physicist. I'm a zoo veterinarian.

The Root Cause of Terrorism

It's not the deprivation of rights; it's totalitarianism.

The Jewish Ethicist: Unwarranted Warranty

Is it ethical to market pricey extended warranties that most people don't need?

Bethlehem: Where is the Outrage?

Palestinian gunmen occupy the Church of the Nativity, as Israeli troops keep watch outside. Who's crossed the line?

A Business Approach to Charity

A Beverly Hills insurance broker applies savvy techniques to charitable giving.

When Words Are the Weapons

Bill Bennet's new book, "Why We Fight", is must reading for these tumultuous times.

Truth under Siege

During the Holocaust, the world watched silently. Will things be any different this time?

Profile: The Healing Spirit

Cheri Morgan has dedicated her life to helping others.


If the quality of integrity is absent in the person, how can it be present in his or her ideas?

Receipt Deceit

Am I encouraging tax evasion when I patronize a "cash only" business?

Killing Mercy

An ailing academic reflects on euthanasia.

Taking a Risk

Should you be skydiving for fun? Working as a bodyguard for a living? Judaism has a system to evaluate such risks.

The Virtues of Intolerance

The form of tolerance that pretends there is no such thing as evil is itself wrong.

A Blanket of Trust

The chairman of Starbucks learns about life from Rabbi Nosson Tzvi Finkel, zt"l.

Unity at the Super Bowl

In sports and in life, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Missing "The Lord of the Rings"

Evil and the cultural significance of Tolkien's masterpiece.

Profile: The Wizard of Washington

Abe Pollin, business mogul and philanthropist, has died at age 85.

The Jewish Ethicist: No Such Thing as a Free Lunch

Does an employer who runs a restaurant have the right to discontinue the policy of providing free meals?

Working Through the Pain

A relentless activist for special needs children now faces her own bout with cancer.

World Repairs

Trying to eliminate pain and poverty is a daunting task. Do we stand a chance?

Who Owns the Million-Dollar Baseball?

Two fans claim ownership of the baseball Barry Bonds hit for his record-setting 73rd homer. How might Jewish law decide the case?

The Jewish Ethicist: Renegotiating a Low Estimate

If a job was harder than we expected, does the contractor deserve a little extra?

Holy Money

Dealing honorably in business is the acid test for whether religion is truly relevant.

To Life

After running from the Nazis as a 10-year-old, she has seen life come full circle.

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