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Justin Bieber’s 100K Car

Justin Bieber’s 100K Car

I also had everything. Why wasn’t it enough?


The other day Justin Bieber turned 18. In the spirit of understatement, his manager presented him with an electric car worth $100,000.

I have nothing against electric cars. They’re eco-friendly and nice to look at. I don’t even have a problem with someone spending a tenth of a million dollars on a car. If you’ve got the money (left over after tzedakah, of course), go right ahead. But, I can’t help but wonder about young Justin receiving a gift like this at the ripe old age of 18. In this world of the Newer-Better-Faster version, there is always something else to accumulate. But when you’re getting the best of the best at such a young age, what is there to look forward to?

This is one of the questions I began asking myself almost a decade ago. A product of an upper-middle-class, secular Jewish family, I had everything I wanted, when I wanted it. There was no saving up for something or working to earn it; I needed but ask and it was mine. Those clothes I was sooooo excited about in the store would be balled up and strewn all over the floor in a matter of days (sometimes hours), while I complained to my mother I had nothing to wear. Our vacations to Mexico and Turkey were “boring”. Out of my hundreds of CDs and DVDs, there was, apparently, not one worth listening to or watching. I could buy, do and have whatever I wanted, but eventually it all just felt empty and sour, like the extra bite of dessert after you’re already stuffed.

I had everything; why wasn’t it enough? I was always unhappy, always looking for The Next New Thing. But what was the point of racing with everyone to get the most stuff if it wasn’t going to bring me the satisfaction I craved? Sure, I’d be thrilled with the victory of a new purchase, but it always faded eventually, replaced by the need to start chasing again.

This, I learned later, is the nature of the material world: it’s all temporary. Everything in front of us exists, but not forever. This is why we eat and are satisfied, but are hungry again only a few hours later. This is why we buy the newest shiny toy and enjoy it for a while, but as soon as version 5G comes out, we absolutely have to have it. Even our bodies expire; despite hours of exercise, eating right and the millions of dollars we spend on cosmetics and plastic surgeries, we will all die one day, and our bodies will turn into dust.

On the other hand, the nature of spirituality is permanence. Real truth is everlasting, and that is what our souls long for. We are here to connect with the eternal, to find that sense of completion by connecting with what’s real. If our consciousness remains solely in the material world, we will always be jumping from one thing to the next, terminally unsatisfied. But, if we focus on the spiritual life behind the material world and build our values based on truth, we can experience long-lasting peace and direction until our journey here is done.

It’s very possible that Mr. Bieber knows this and politely thanked his manager before donating his fancy new ride to a charity. But in case he opts not to do that, I hope he can at least appreciate the value of what he has, not just monetarily, but in the grander scheme of things. At the end of the day, Justin is just another 18-year-old kid with plenty of lessons to learn. I just hope he doesn’t have to learn them the hard way.

March 4, 2012

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(16) Annie, March 15, 2012 9:26 PM

Happy Birthday Justin! and to many more

Justin is 18 and has been given much, "to whom much is given, much is expected" - I'm not so sure I understand the author's issue but she sure sounds like she had a spoiled brat's life, and life lessons' learned the hard way. G-d had a custom tailored plan for you, just for you! That's up to G-d to decide what He gives to us and what He takes from us. He is the ultimate Distributor. What's the issue? Ingratitude for one. I was raised in an upper middle class environment too, we didn't get everything available, some siblings were grateful, some not. Justin got a car as a gift. The price tag is irrelevant. The price tag is a source of jelousy for others. And NO! there is no such thing as getting the best of the best too young: he got a car, that's it. G-d has given us a world of choices and options, some are intellectual and some material. Why should he donate his ride to a charity? if it's not ok for Justin to have it, why is it ok for anyone else to have it??? Thou shalt not covet... Hm... Simple, but not easy, huh? I don't care to keep up with Justin's life, but if you're going to write about him why not find out what good he is giving back? how is he growing from his experiences? perhaps the many charities he supports? or compare the struggles some may have to go through vs those who don't, and their rewards, and how it equates with The Divine's Will and definition of Fairness. With Gratitude... May Justin always be able to be at the giving end!

(15) SusanE, March 9, 2012 12:05 AM

He Accepted a Gift. He's a Man Now.

i don't know what this issue has to do with Justin Bieber accepting a gift from his manager. It was probably given a part of a deal to entice other young adults to drive green and the price was probably negotiated very well by the manager. (it's what they do) . ~ I don't know if Biebers parents were upper middle class and indulged him, or if he was poor as a small child, but he made a ton of money very quickly and very young. I know he earned that money by singing. His manager has managed him apparently quite well, and also made a ton of money by doing that job. He wanted to give back by buying the 18 year old (man) a car. Justin can make his own adult choices now about his career and about how he chooses to spend his money. Most wealthy people buy islands, airplanes, towns, people, companies, homes, many autos and other material things to embrace a certain lifestyle. I don't know the singers character. Seems like a nice enough guy, so I wish him well. ~~ It's not wealth that makes people unappreciative. It's their character.

Shuvie, March 9, 2012 6:28 PM

You missed the point

You are correct that character is what makes a person unappreciative, however there is an indisputable fact that wealth places a stumbling block. The author means to say (from experience) that a person that has anything and everything (Justin) will be tested.

(14) Roberta, March 8, 2012 4:00 AM

Learning the 'hard way'

The author wishes Mr Bieber well when she hopes he won't have to "learn things the hard way". I find that those are the things I needed to learn the most, and also the lessons that stayed. So let's applaud 'the hard way' and how it shapes our character and our faith,

(13) josh, March 7, 2012 10:37 PM


Dont kid yourself, hes a popstar and a millionaire. he wont value his possessions like most 18 yr old kids wouls. thats why no one should be even fractionally jealous of him. really its sad, hes going to be spoiled throughout all his famed life. once your head is in 'hollywood' its very hard to see straight again, unless you really are strong. If he lost all his money tomorrow he would be giving interviews telling you all how surreal being rich was and how the most important thing in life is to appreciate what you have! learn this lesson and you are set for life!

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