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Thank You, Dr. Sultan

Thank You, Dr. Sultan

One woman speaks her mind. (2 min.)


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March 18, 2006

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Visitor Comments: 5

(5) Daniel, March 30, 2006 12:00 AM

Seek the truth yourself . . .

Dr Sultan definitely a very brave lady. There is a site, you find many articles about Islam based on the Quran, Hadith etc, go investigate the truth yourself.

(4) eugene, March 29, 2006 12:00 AM

A very brave lady indeed . . .

I have to disagree with Muhammad Hussein. Is was not the intention of Dr Sultan & Rabi Yaakov to agitate hostility between Israel & Arab istead of bring them closer to peace, simply because we know there will be no peace between them. Dr Sultan did what she though was the best she could help at the moment knowing that there will be muslims after her blood.She realized the seriousness of the situation, he just fedup with the stupidity of Muslim and lies in Islam, no thank to the mullahs. By the way, these mullahs are the one who control the Muslim mass, who agitate hostility not the dictators.She is able to see clearly because she is an appostate now or more acurately she is a human now.Why I said there will be no peace . . . you have to understand the essence of Islam to see the big picture. There will be no peace between Muslim & non-Muslim because islam was born with the idea that it should rule the world. Judaism speaks about national salvation - meaning that at the end of the day, when the world become better place, Israel will be it's own land , ruled by it's own king and serving God. Christianity speaks about the idea that every single person in the world can be saved from his sin, while Islam speaks about ruling the world - Jews and Christians could live under Islam provided they paid poll tax and accepted islamic superiority. Of course they had to be humiliated. Jews & Christians living under Islam are humiliated to this very day.What happens if Jews & Christians don't want to live under the rules of Islam ? Then Islam has to fight them and this fighting is called Jihad, which means war against those people who don't want to accept islamic superior rule. That's Jihad. For Islam, any territory that comes under islamic rule cannot be de-islamized. Even if at one time or another, the enemy (non-muslim )take over the territory that was under islamic rule. That's why wherever you have Islam, you have war. Just look at Yugoslavia, Lebanon ( use to be Christian majority 70% ) now islamic country, India & Pakistan, southern Thailan etc. Southern Spain better watch out.Futher more, there is another fact that must be remembered. The islamic world has not only the attitude of open war, but there is war of infiltration. One of the thing which the western world is not paying enough attention to is the tremendous growth of islamic power in the western world. What happened in America and the Twin Towers is not something that came from outside. And if America does not wake up, one day the American will find themselves in a chemical war and most likely in atomic war - inside America.

(3) Annette, March 21, 2006 12:00 AM

courageous Dr Sultan

Every kind word has its own merit;
too bad these statements didnt shake the news media and hit the headlines accross the world; is she doing some kind of activity within the muslim community to promote her own words? or was this just another sensible and kind statement?

(2) Mohammad Hussein, March 21, 2006 12:00 AM

no peace can be built on such films.

I agree with several things, Dr Sultan said, but I disagree with Rabbi Ya'cov saying Thank you Dr Sultan. Simply because such film cann't be use to enhance peace between Moslems and Jews.Every single thing she said about Islam can be said about other holy scriptures. Medieval Islam is not the problem in Islamic and arab countries. It is inhancing violance and backwardness in those countries mainly by the dictatoes, who are supported by the beutifull civilized west. It's the western policy of supporting coruptive regiems in the Middle East which reinforses extremists. This is what happiend in Iran, and is happining now in Egypt. What we got in Iran is what we will get in Egypt next few years.Peace in the Middle East doesn't need changing in Islam or Judaism, but to adapt what is usefull in the scriptures for peace.I am a Moslem Palestinian Arab. I am studying Jewish studies, so I am in profound contact with the Holy Bible , Midrash and other Jewish books. Naturaly I understand those holy books differently than any stupid Moslem who hates Jews, even Joshoa 1:26. Please search for other Islamic things to show for Jews. Things which can bring the two nations closer to peace, not to seperate them and agitate hostility. Thank you.

(1) Neil Kuchinsky, March 19, 2006 12:00 AM

Thanks, Dr. Sultan; Now We Need Religious Muslims to Say These Things.

Dr. Sultan's comments are brilliant and courageous, but such articulate public comments tend to come from secular Muslims or persons not acceptable to the masses of religious Muslims, such as gay Muslims. These statements won't mean much until they are articulated by respected Muslim religious authorities.

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