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Doing God a Favor

I'm in Jerusalem, doing a special mitzvah.

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(16) s, August 11, 2008 12:07 PM

Beverly, yes, if it's to save our life, then we can use it.

(15) Sheila Deutsch, June 17, 2008 4:11 PM

The kotel is not wailing.

I truly look forward to your talks. I offer the following with due respect to you and to your knowledge and judgement.

I think that if you think about it for a moment you will refer to the Kotel as the Western Wall or the Kotel.

Thank you


(14) Beverly Kurtin, June 15, 2008 1:04 PM

To live or die?

Rosen, Rosh Chodesh is the new month or head of the month (rosh = head chodesh = month). I had to learn the meaning of that too, so don't feel bad about not knowing, we all have to learn, yes?

Now about favors. Hashem gave me a battery operated wheelchair to us so I do not have a stroke or heart attack. He also provided me with an oxygen concentrator so that I can breath easier. Both of those devices use electricity and I have to use them seven days a week.

What would happen if I said, "Hashem, thank you for giving me those gifts, but I'm not going to use them one day a week because the oral law prohibits kindling a fire and using an oxygen concentrator and using a battery operated wheelchair both use electricity and the oral law says that is the same as creating a fire.

I can see the Creator of the Universe say, "Beverly, my daughter, I gave you those things so you can live and I myself work 24.7.365 to keep the Universe together. If I took off even so much as one fraction of a second off, everything would fly apart and that would be the end of the Universe. So I'm going to deny you the use of gifts I have given to you? I don't think so. I provided those things for you because I love you and I keep the universe together because I love my creation and all I have created. Use, enjoy, I love you."

And I would say, "And I love you too, my Father. I appreciate your gifts and thank you for them too much to let them sit idle because I could die if I don't use them."

Does anyone honestly think that Hashem gives us good things only to deny us the use of them one day out of seven, particularly when they are life saving? Does not Hashem place life above everything else? I believe He does so I will use the good gifts with which has so kindly bestowed upon me and thank Him every day for those wonderful gifts.

(13) Eli, June 12, 2008 5:08 PM

I agree with Hersh

I once heard from Rav Ezriel Tauber shlita that he was working on bringing back a former Bais Yaakov girl to Yiddishkeit.It was Friday night and he understood that she wanted to smoke a cigarette. So he came up with the following response." If Hashem was a smoker and he ran out of cigarettes, and asked you for one, what would you say?" She answered that she would be honored to give Him one. So he continued "Do you know that when you refrain from smoking on Shabbos, you are giving him a gift and he says 'Thank you!'"?
She responded, "but later I'm going to use an electronic key, and other electronic devices, so who am I fooling?" Which he then replied," You can keep giving Hashem candies, and he will really appreciate it".This is called "mischaseid im konoi" and that was the midah of Avrohom Ovinu.
This response and mindset brought her back to Yiddishkeit

(12) Susan, June 12, 2008 2:03 PM

G-d Pours Blessings on the Earth.

Rabbi Salomon, Sometime ago probably here on I read about G-d pouring out blessings for the Earth and for us. I understood that concept exactly at the time I was reading. In order to have room for the Blesings and keep the earth comfortable full, there had to be an emptying of something so there is 'room' for more blessings. Much like a renewal of pouring energy into the earth. We deplete (in a good way) and he renews. I can't remember exactly how this worked, but I think it might have something to do with our performing mizvots, so he can pour the blessings upon us. When he can't give those to us, he doesn't suffer or hurt but we certainly do. We don't receive that
renewal, and fulfillment. I'll try to find the article and read it again. It made so much common sense and was an ah ha moment for me.
Again, thank you for your videos, and have a safe and wonderful trip.

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