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(27) Elliott Alhadeff, March 17, 2009 10:56 AM

Encourage Defective Babies?

If your wife was pregnant with a defective embryo that could be cured by science, would you allow science to do so or would you require "love" for the life-long defective result? Your unqualified assumption of what God wants is as valid as the scientist developing the procedure. You have not suggested a single adverse consequence of a family selecting the qualities of their child. Families recognizing the selective character of our society for whatever reasons are not only exercising their responsibility to their child for a healthy social life but helping to make that child even more effective in contributing to that community. We should all be very wary when someone claims to know "what God wants..."

(26) Anonymous, March 16, 2009 3:42 PM

Have you heard about the couple who couldn't have children. It turned out that the man didn't produce viable sperms.The doctors suggested IVF with the woman's egg and a donor sperm, kind of like half-adoption. The man was worried, because he was a cohen, and the child, if a boy, wouldn't be a cohen, so he wouldn't go up with his father to bless the congregation, & everyone would know. With the agreement of some rabbis, the couple used this technology to select for a girl, thus eliminating the problem. Right? Wrong? Who can judge?

(25) Penina, March 14, 2009 3:38 PM

Anna, firstly the rabbi is talking about before the child is born, and making him look as perfect as possible as if that's the purpose of life- The purpose of life is to get close to G-d and fulfill his commandments- G-d commanded to do brit milah- If he commanded to make sure that our children are born with blue eyes- the we would do it! If you dont want to hear what the rav is saying then it might sound like a mixed message but if you look at it unemotionally then its perfectlly logical

(24) Ruth Rachel Anderson-Avraham, March 13, 2009 6:28 AM

Preserving Life...

There is no conflict between science and Judaism in terms of understanding G-d's design for the world. However, there can certainly be conflicts between science and Judaism in terms of how we use scientific means, techonology. We are commanded by Torah to preserve life. We are commanded by Torah, to appreciate the beauty of the world, and all that surrounds us... There is a reason that genetic diversity exists in the world, including not only the diversity which results from children born with certain physical characteristics, but also that which results from children born with certain handicaps or illnesses, particular physical illnesses...who also bring love and beauty into the world, and have a divine purpose in this world... The use of such technology is sliding down a slippery people the option of destroying genetic diversity, the diversity of G-d's creation, rather than helping them to preserve life, in all it's unique beauty, unique forms...

(23) Anonymous, March 13, 2009 1:49 AM

Mixed Message

The Rav initially mentioned, in passing, that PGD was designed for preventing genetic disease, but spoke the rest of the time about aesthetic issues. He then spoke on the topic of our job to function in and improve an imperfect world. It is not clear from this mixed message whether the Rav even approves of PGD for genetic diseases - is he saying that we should not try prevent such diseases but instead allow sick children to be created as they can then be a vehicle for our personal growth? I doubt that this is what he is saying, particularly as PGD is approved by almost all halachic authorities, but the message the the Rav gave was not clear.

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