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Parting with Prozac

Three 'natural' ways to reduce depression.

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(40) Aharon, October 13, 2009 3:40 PM

Rebecca is NOT telling the truth!

While this statement applies to PSYCHIATRY "One of the saddest things about the PSYCHOLOGY field adopting the medical model approach...)" PSYCHOLOGISTS can't even prescribe drugs and I believe you misrepresent yourself. In fact it is obvious that you are probably not even educated at all to make the blanket generalization " a psychologist who has done the research, the toxic side effects from psychotropic drugs outweighs it's benefits." The EXTREMELY wide variations of individual patients circumstances, in addition to the multitude of 'psychotropic drugs' from Thorazine and Haldol at one end, to caffeine and moderate alcohol* at the other make the above statement of yours so simplistic that a bright 7th grader should be able to perceive the obvious flaw in it. The extremely wide divergence of individuals circumstances and challenges completley discount the credibility of ANYONE who would make such a generalization-let alone one claiming to be a professional or authority. To my mind even a rational adult! *The majority of adults use THESE psychotropic drugs to help deal with their existence.

(39) Aharon, October 13, 2009 3:16 PM

Not as simple as that

I have made 2 half-hearted suicide attempts (like rounds of Russian Roulette, PROBABLY would survive); and been hospitalized 8 times for depression, once for 3 months. Sometimes one is too depressed to get out of bed and implement any positive changes, When it is that bad meds are necessary to get started in putting life together. They are extremely idiosyncratic in action-what may have a miraculously positive effect on one person can make another person worse. Sometimes one suffers very bad side effects initially, but they abate after a couple of weeks. Cymbalta saved my life! It is not just an SSRI, but acts on at least one other neuro transmitter AND neurological pain. It is also a fact I can personally attest to that it makes withdrawal from methadone (commonly prescribed for pain, as well as to get off heroin) 10 times easier. Word about this last effect spread on the street years ago, but none of the doctors in '07 when I was last hospitalized knew about it. I would like to note that King Solomon endorsed a psychotropic for depression-ethanol from wine! Cognitive Behavior Therapy is certainly preferable to ANY substance, but sometimes the depression is so acute that some med is needed before ANYTHING else can be attempted.

(38) SusanE, September 25, 2009 8:07 PM

Most women I know are on Anti-Depression Meds booze

Can millions of women ALL be truly depressed? Is it contagious? ----------------------- I have two friends who don't go downtown. They have not been in a grocery store for 35 years. Someone told them they are professional women and that professional and cultured women aren't seen doing mundane chores such as shopping for food, pumping their own gasoline, sweeping their own doorstep, or doing local banking. They would never be seen in the coffee shop chatting with the locals. They stay home and they drink and they are depressed. It is never talked about. Their physician prescribes anti-depressants, and the women have them delivered because they are usually drinking by 11 in the morning.. Physicians don't know how much drinking women do while taking anti-depressants. It's like what came first? Drink, stay home and become depressed and take drugs? Or Become depressed, take drugs, stay home and drink? Twenty years ago it was the 50 year old women who stayed home and hid their drinking habits. Now it's the 40 year old soccer moms with vodka in their water bottles chaffuring kids on the highways. Their doctors don't know. Even their husbands don't know. Does that lifestyle cause depression?

L.S., March 17, 2011 12:06 PM

agree with susan above

I agree with SusanE that having nothing to do all day when the kids are in school will lead to women drinking to numb their boredom from their useless and mundane role to make the time pass. Sorry, but cleaning the house and shopping for groceries does not fill 8 hours of time that kids are in school, and washing dishes and driving carpool are not mentally challenging enough tasks for college educated women. I strongly believe that once kids are in school, women need to at least get a part-time job to keep their minds active so they stay out of trouble, contribute to society, their family income, etc.

(37) Anonymous, September 6, 2009 6:30 PM

My heart broke for #35. I too had been stuck in a dysfunctional and abusive marriage for 25 years. I lived a lie, pretending on the outside that everything was fine while I suffered deeply. My husband's abusive behaviors were always behind closed doors. On the outside he portrayed himself as the model of chesed. After my third child, I briefly tried anti-depressants for several months but I hated the way it made me feel and slowly weaned myself off of them. When I finally hit rock bottom, I remember feeling terribly depressed. At one point I thought about going on anti-depressants again but I decided not to because I did not want to numb my feelings and I wanted to be very clear and in charge when it came to making a decision about my marriage. I had the support of the Rabbis in my community during my separation and divorce. It was a painful time because my ex-husband was extremely vengeful (and still is). I remember a Rabbi suggesting that I may want to consider waiting it out until my children got married because it could affect my children's "shidduchim". I decided I needed to stop living a lie and set myself free from a very toxic situation. It has not been easy. I thought that since my children were much older that they wouldn't be as affected, but unfortunately it has been hard for them. I know though I did the right thing and I thank Hashem for the wonderful support system he provided me with to help me get through a difficult situation. I don't know you but I feel your pain because I have been there. I wish you only true peace and tranquility and a happy and healthy new year. May Hashem help guide you and give you the strength to deal with what must be a very difficult situation.

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