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Why Keep Kosher?

Surprising survey results.

Published: April 24, 2010

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(40) rivkah, June 16, 2011 12:51 AM

I eat kosher because that is what HASHEM wants us to do.

By accepting the Torah at Moubt Sinai we obligated ourselves to accept all 613 Mitzvos. We cannot be "pick and choose Jews". We do what we are supposed to do because that is what Hashem wants from us. that is how we become closer to Hashem which is the reason we are here.

(39) Anonymous, May 4, 2010 6:22 PM

To #27

A righteous person sins 7 times a day. God wasn't saying we are w/o sin. When we stay connected to God, while keeping kosher, we should not become holier than thou attitude. Even if you keep kosher 100%, God will be dealing with us on something else we need to grow in. When we do what God says, it puts us in right relationship with him. Open to more of what God wants to say to us, bless us with,(speaking of spiritual blessings) and what he wants us to do. This applies to all people. As explained by others, non-Jews do not have to abide by all 613 mitzvahs to be in right standing with God, only the 7 Noahide laws. (we are on the right path when we have not closed the door to God, saying we won't, but open to God in helping us to keep them) I'm finding my way in keeping kosher. It's not all or nothing--my goal is to be 100% keeping kosher. All of God's commands, illustration: keeping kosher, is just one of the many factors that unites us; on common ground all over the world. Gives us unity in belonging to a universal family. We are not isolated, even though distance separates us. It keeps us together as a unit of believers, in like minded faith.

Anonymous, June 22, 2011 10:12 PM


The statement "A righteous person sins 7 times a day" is probably meant to quote Proverbs 24:16. Please forgive me but the way it is stated is totally false. It implies a leeway of 7 times sinning a day (!) for "otherwise" righteous people (whatever that might mean). The real quote and its simple meaning is as follows: "...For a righteous person MIGHT fall/ 'stumble' EVEN 7 times, but still will arise, whereas an evildoer will fall/'stumble' (only) once and remain as such" A beautiful explanation is that one sees himself as a righteous person, although he may have erred, he has the self-esteem to pick himself up and keep on trying, and doesn't give up. This is similar to a young child that is not embarrassed when falling learning to walk. However when one sees himself as wicked he''ll just give up and won't make the effort to overcome his failings.

(38) Anonymous, May 4, 2010 6:13 AM

To all the rest answering "Because I said so"

Thanks! We shouldn't be robots, we must know and understand the depth of God's word. Trust can be an intellectual belief which is enhanced in knowing God who we are putting our trust in. Moreover, is to rely on God in a way that God approves. That we trust and rely on him in all matters of life, like explained by Loren #32. We can not compromise over the commandments, like all of you have explained in your commentaries. Thanks alot for explaining why God said so. And Guy#35, love your honesty! I have learned alot and have been encouraged by all that has commented. Thank-you!

(37) Anonymous, May 3, 2010 5:21 PM

To CR #36 from Anon #9

Thanks CR! I like to go deeper with God; to look beyond the face value of what God says. Your response was excellent, and I thank you for responding. If I eat pork, I could become lazy, like a pig. See, this goes deeper than just don't eat pork. God does have reasons why he "says so." God is patient with me in my quest. In seeking, in wanting to know the "why's" I did find out this past week, mixing milk and meat causes gas. God may have a deeper reason behind telling us not to mix the two; but that reason satisfied me as good enough. Someday I may explore more deeper into the spiritual concept of that. But I did find out God cares about our bodies on that fact; and he doesn't want us going around letting off hot air. (not trying to be crude here) I do understand we are to obey God, because he is God. I'm not "trying" his Authority, not at all. He is to be obeyed, I know. (or there is consequences which is a fact) Also benefits like you said. You also brought up because God loves us is why he gave us his commandments, a divine reminder. Thanks again CR, your response has been very helpful!

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