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Human Shields

Human Shields

Innocent children die. Whose fault is that?


June 25, 2007

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(10) Gary Katz, July 14, 2007 10:16 AM

Only one possible inaccuracy

This was an excellent video. My only constructive criticism is that it's not so much the media manipulating us - it's the jihadists manipulating the media. Of course, I'm not including al-Jazeera in this assessment.

(9) Donald, June 29, 2007 2:23 PM

Use of Human Shields is Not Only Immoral, but ILLEGAL

Thank you very much writing the article rabbi. And I would like to add, that according to International Law; as administered by the UN, the use of Human Shields is illegal [see the UN Internation Law section, and do a word search for, human shields].

Furthermore, under the U.S. Uniform Code of Military Justice, the use of Human Shields is also illegal. Even if it is to save your life, and the shields are captured enemy combatants who had previously been attacking your position. To clarify, it is absolutely illegal, for a soldier and/or group of soldiers who capture an enemy soldier, or group of enemy soldiers, and use them as buffers/shields, so as to prevent their comrades [enemy combatants] from shooting you, and/or your combat unit, in order to try and escape hostile fire. This anti-shield law also applies to American law enforcement officers (LEO) as well.

(8) Anonymous, June 28, 2007 3:22 PM



You hit the nail on the proverbial head, rabbi.

It grieves me that so many followers of Islam have so little respect for human life. They wouldn't do to an animal what they are so quick to do to members of their own family.

So-called "Honor Killings" honor no one. It simply shows the entire world what kind of monsters they are. Some animals kill the offspring of others of the same species, but at least there is a reason for them to do so: it assures that only the strongest of its species will survive to adulthood, thus making their entire species stronger.

What does killing an innocent woman accomplish? Even if a woman is raped, she has to flee from her family lest she be killed by her own family. The only thing it does is to promote the unjust pride of males who feel that women are chattel and can be treated in any manner they choose. Besides, they can always have another child.

Similarly, when so-called mothers proudly strap on bomb belts on their offspring and proudly see them go off to murder innocent people, she shrugs and says, "I can always have another and I will send him to kill others."

That is not a civilization, that is a gang of criminals whose lives should be cut short or imprisoned for life.

It also goes to show that Islam is not a religion: It is a CULT. One of the keystones of a cult is brainwashing and Muslim children are brought up to hate anyone who isn't them. They ignore their own "holy book" and mindlessly kill others so they can achieve immortality and an eternity of sex. What kind of beings are these? Human beings do not do this.
If one of their people is found to be (gasp!) a homosexual, they are put to death in a horrible manner. Beheading is one of the more kind methods, they have others, too disgusting to mention.

They feel free to break their word to anyone who isn't a Muslim because the consider anyone who doesn't do as they do. I could never trust an Arab. Proof? Gaza. They said there would be peace if they had Gaza. I say TAKE GAZA BACK AND OBLITERATE ALL ARAB PRESENCE FROM GAZA AND NEVER GIVE UP THE WEST BANK OR EVEN A CENTIMETER OF JERUSALEM.

They have proven they cannot be trusted and the world needs to wake up before it is too late.

(7) Shoshannah, June 27, 2007 11:03 PM

Human Shields

Agree 100%. In the "ripple effect" each life has upon another, your videos give my children much to debate with their friends and acquaintances who only know a miniscule of the filtered news available in America today. Best of all, they are hearing this from someone other than "mom!"
I am grateful you take up "the hard issues" so that, for those willing to seek it out, there really still IS a balance.

(6) Margarita, June 27, 2007 3:27 AM

100% truth

100% agree, but lets try to write to newspapers and make sure that our side of the story is heard.

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