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Proving the Torah

It can and should be done.

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(50) Howard Goodman, October 9, 2013 12:22 AM

Existence of G-d

Rabbi Salomon still doesn't say whether G-d exists. He says, in essence, don't try to prove it; just live a good life according to the Torah. And if he says religion is faith-based and not fact-based, that's something I would agree with. Every religion can show how beautiful they are and Judaism was the first. All religions, in one way or another, just use Judaism's essence for their own. That's how and why the other religions were created. If one studies the Torah, there would be no need for other religions. I personally don't believe there is an afterlife - no proof of it, only a belief. The same is true regarding the existence of a god. At some point in the not-too-distant future, science will find the solution to immortality. We know why people die - scientifically -and it's just a matter of time when we learn to turn that switch off. See telomeres and telomerase for details to the solution.

Anonymous, April 7, 2014 2:30 AM

I respectfully disagree...

For one thing, Judaism is not faith based. There isn't even a Hebrew word that directly translates to faith! (Emuna is often translated as 'faith' but it does not mean what the word faith means. The word faith means belief without proof) There are rational approaches to the existence of G-d as well as the validity of the Torah. As well as this, regardless of what science finds about death etc, this doesn't disprove G-d. Science is merely the mechanism of the physical world, the way in which G-d controls the world. In fact, the more science finds, the more we Jews should be in awe of the Being that created such a machine that not even modern technology can get close to replicating.

(49) Spencer, August 22, 2013 6:35 PM

Where are the Proofs?

Can anyone direct me to where I can read about these proofs? Are we talking about Historical, scientific (Anti-Evolution), or both?

(48) Anonymous, August 1, 2013 4:13 AM

TORAH can be proven

I have seen it done at a lecture. There is unrefutable proof that show inherit contradictions in other religions and the authencity of Judiasm

(47) Shades of Gray, July 17, 2013 4:22 AM

Torah Spoke to 4 Children

Ke'neged arba banim dibera Torah. The proof approach should not be abandoned, but neither should those who are exposed to various other sources of information.

Steve Savitsky interviewed Rabbi Moshe Benovitz( Savitsky Talks, "Technology and Social Media: How Are They Affecting the Post-High School Year in Israel?", 8/1/12, 14:00 in mp3):

R. Benovitz: ...In the kiruv community, for example, they are coming to grips with the fact that some of the arguments-- historical arguments, philosophical arguments-- that like I said a charismatic educator could tell a person off the street and who would know better, is checked instantly on a hand held device that’s pulled out of a pocket. If those arguments do not hold water, then we've done more damage than good. We need to adjust to that, and we should adjust to that.

Steve Savitsky: Do you have an example of that?

R. Benovitz: ...This is probably beyond the scope of this limited discussion because there are obviously complexities and layers here. But examples like mass revelation at Sinai being the only way possible, when you have challenges from other sources, the fact that Torah seems to have been forgotten in certain periods explicitly in the Navi and the like. The chain of the Mesorah-- there is certain reason to believe that were times where it was if not broken, but then it was down to a precious few; that’s a challenge, just to use one example, [to that] mass revelation argument of sorts. [Similarly there are challenges] in the scientific realm, and in the archaeological realm.

We need to be able to know that there is information at the fingertips of our students that of course we have answers to, and of course we have ways of responding to, but to just throw arguments out there, they’re not going to, nor should they simply accept at face value.

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