Tiger Mom’s Racial Theory

No race has the monopoly on success. But here’s the most important key to raising successful kids.

My New Floor

My surprising new obsession.

Raising Children & Tu B'Shvat

Embracing the mission to nurture the inherent potential of our children.

How Happy is Your Marriage?

How to rate your relationship and strengthen your marriage.

Festive Tu B’Shvat Fruit Menu

Celebrate the bounty of Tu B’Shvat with these delectable, fruity recipes.

Lessons from Extreme Makeover Weight Loss

How would you be different if you had the ultimate coach who believed in you?

4 Ways to Build Resilience in Kids

How to instill confidence in children that they can handle life’s challenges and disappointments.

Four Daily Moments to Connect to Your Spouse

Do this four times a day and see your marriage improve.

Fertile Faith

God doesn’t listen to statistics.

Winter Recipes

Perfect for warming up your family and the cold weather.

Gratitude Leads to Happiness

How to bring the gratitude attitude into our homes and daily lives.

Being Jewish on Christmas

Amidst all the talk about eggnog, I realized the special blessing of Shabbat.

6 Ways to Get Your Child to Bed on Time

How to take charge and stop losing this battle.

The Secret to a Happy Marriage: For Men

She needs to feel that in your eyes, she is in first place. And show it with your actions.

Kosher Indian Delights

Indian spices and an entirely new way to see rice in your kosher kitchen.

Let It All Hang Out

Our home is not Club Med. It is not a place where anything goes.

Five Reasons a Good Marriage is Essential for Parenting

Working on your marriage may be the most important thing you’ll do to ensure your children’s emotional health.

Lower Fat Desserts

Secret ingredient-infused cake, muffins, and cookies that lower fat and increase health.

Alzheimer’s and the Here and Now

My grandfather taught me to live in the spectacular now.

Insensitive Gaffes

You can mean well and still cause a lot of hurt.

4 Ways to Teach Kids to be Grateful

How parents can teach their kids to curb their drive to acquire and appreciate what they have.

Gourmet Latkes

Two unique recipes to spice up your holiday.

Hanukkah is NOT Thanksgiving

Why Hanukkah is the most anti-American holiday of all.

Potato Latke Tricks

How to properly freeze latkes, and three great recipes.

10 Tips after 20 Years of Marriage

We’ve certainly learned plenty along the way.

People, Not Objects

A valuable lesson from my not-so-nice behavior.

Special Recipes for Thanksgivvukah

Donut bread pudding, olive oil cake & getting into the Thanksgivvukah spirit!

No More Mask

As we get older, with fewer defenses and inhibitions to provide any filters, our real selves poke through.

7 Ways to Keep Your Love Strong

Marriage is a lifelong project of building love.

Find Your Passion, Later

Hard work and success lead to passion. Not the other way around.

5 Marriage Tips…

I wish someone would have told me before I got married.

Where’s the Beef?

It’s right here! Three delectable recipes your family will love.

Secrets to Happy Families

Three proven tips to strengthening your family.

5 Simple Ways to Get Your Kids to Listen

How to stop struggling with your kids and win their cooperation.

The Family Dinner

Why it needs to be a priority in your home.

Fighting in Front of the Children

Kids need to see some disagreements – and amicable conflict resolution.

My Two-Year-Old Addict

It was no longer cute. My baby’s obsession with the computer was becoming harmful.

Tough Teachers

The gift of great expectations.

Simple and Healthy

Easy recipes for getting back to a healthy routine.

Embarrassed by Spouse

No matter what, we should always have our spouse’s back.

Teenage Rebel

Why do so many teenagers rebel against their parents?

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