CPR for Marriage

3 ways to revive your love.

A Special Bat Mitzvah

A great idea that should be part of everyone’s celebration.

A Shabbat Dinner Menu

With lots of healthy salads and side dishes.

Tweens & Social Media

Helping your teens navigate the exciting and potentially scary world of social media.

It’s Not about Lance Armstrong

Don’t let his doping and lies allow you to become cynical and bitter.

Adjusting Our Parenting Expectations

Realistic expectations are the key to handling frustration.

Life after Divorce

After five tumultuous years, I’m ready to begin again.

The 5 Love Languages

How to express your love in the way that speaks to your spouse.

Contempt in Marriage

This most destructive trait can also be insidious.

A Delicious Tu B’Shvat

Eating fruits on Tu B’Shvat is easy with these recipes.

Whisper of a Soul

How did I manage to survive unspeakable abuse?

Destined for Divorce?

It’s in our power to transform our marriage.

Dinner in 30 Minutes

Delectable meals for today’s fast paced world.

4 Ways Marriages Fade Away

How to avoid falling off an emotional cliff.

Call You Maybe

When someone else’s child is doing something dangerous, should you get involved?

Taylor Swift’s Wisdom

I ask myself: What will my kids think?

Beyond the Fiscal Cliff

It’s not only the politicians who dig in their heels, unwilling to compromise.

The 24-Hour Rule

Waiting to respond makes an enormous difference in all of our relationships.

Meatless Monday

Enjoy these meatless yet flavorful dishes.

Welling Up

Reflections on burying our 2-week-old granddaughter.

Learning from My Parents' Divorce

Sometimes brokenness makes you stronger.

Raising Resilient Children

Teaching children to prevail over tragedies like Sandy Hook and Hurricane Sandy.

Facebook Overexposure

Facebook poses a serious threat to our character.

Should We Tell the Children?

Talking to your kids about the Connecticut school shooting.

My Half-Marathon

What were my daughter and I doing in Las Vegas walking the Strip until we were bone-weary tired?

5 Ways to Revitalize Your Marriage

How to keep your marriage vibrant after many years.

Hash Brown Potato Latkes

Super fast and super delicious.

The Crews Missile: A Reply

Advice to Nick Crews, the disgruntled father who publically blasted his kids for their failures.

Hanukkah’s Message of Hope

After hurricanes and financial stress, Hanukkah comes to dispel the darkness.

Susie Fishbein’s Cooking Secrets

In her new cookbook, Susie reveals her best recipes, tips and techniques to make anyone a better cook.

Eight Family Ideas for Hanukkah

Ideas to light up your celebration during the eight nights of Hanukkah.

Mrs. Petraeus

What has happened to the power of sisterhood?

Exotic Hanukkah Foods

Try something a little different – and very yummy!

Manicures for Israel

It’s not as silly as you think.

Judging Petraeus

Don’t sit in self-righteous condemnation. We could all make the same mistake.

Warm & Delicious

Hearty dishes that drive the chill away and warm you inside and out.

5 Dysfunctions of a Team

Principles for building a strong marriage.

Sandy: A Lesson in Empathy

Visiting the east coast, I was jolted out of my complacency and lack of sensitivity.

Stop the Bullying

Why Jacob stood up to Esau: tolerating is enabling.

Muffins Galore

A great solution for providing nutrition on the run.


I’m in favor of a zero tolerance policy for whispering at the table. Here’s why.

CHIC Made Simple

Fresh. Fast. Fabulous. Kosher Cuisine.


What you can’t stand in your spouse may be your own reflection.

In-Laws without Rivalry

It's not only siblings who need to be on the lookout.

Jewish Kids Gone Wild

Have we given up teaching our children how to be a mensch?

When Men have to Cook

You can’t go wrong with these simple, failsafe recipes.

Controlling Our Kids

Back off and avoid the power struggles at all costs.

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