A Tale of Two Mothers

Who do I honor more: my birth mother or my adoptive mother?

The Music of Opportunity

Patrick Henry Hughes can teach us all a lesson about reaching our potential.

What Kind of Attention?

Give your children attention for doing the right thing, not for doing the wrong thing.

Catcher in the Rye

J.D. Salinger captured adolescence's anxiety, defiance and desperation for identity and love.

Care Package to Heaven

How to honor a parent who is no longer alive.

Tu B'Shvat Cooking

The most important cooking lesson is to have faith.

Tu B'Shvat Menu

Incorporate the Seven Species in your festive Tu B'Shvat/Shabbat meal.

Restaurant Skirmish

Sometimes our kindness does more harm than good.

5 Things a Man Needs to Do in a Successful Relationship

What kind of man does a woman really want? Hint: It's not Homer Simpson.

The Boredom Problem

Don't feel inadequate for not constantly entertaining your kids.

Winter Soups

Nourishing soups to warm your heart during these cold, wintry days.

Dreams of Greatness

The focus on greatness can distract us from the real accomplishments of life.

Battling Sibling Rivalry

Can the war between siblings ever be conquered?

The More Religious Spouse

What to do when she wants Shabbos and he wants the football game.

More Crockpot Recipes

Marvelous meals that cook while you are away.

Making Room for Daddy

Most fathers want to be involved. Don’t sabotage their efforts.

The Sub-Titles of our Relationships

Sometimes what's not being said speaks the loudest.

Giving the Right Gift

How to buy the perfect present.

Stairway to Heaven

One long, dark, memorable night I discovered my mother.

Do I Look Fat?

And other times best not to say exactly what you're thinking.

Making Space for Feelings

Despite being raised in emotionally deprived homes, my husband and I forged a nurturing bond that sustains our family.

Fun vs. Joy

Finding the keys to happiness this Chanukah.

Chanukah Heroes

The courage to fight the goblins of our time.

If You Really Loved Me...

Don't turn every disagreement into a referendum on the state of your marriage.

A Chanukah Menu

It's not about the food -- or is it?

Lily's Magic

A little girl inspires us to rise to life's challenge.

When the Teacher Calls

Before making any judgments, hear your kids' side of the story.

Crockpot Delights

Marvelous meals that cook while you are away.

Adjusting Marriage

People change, and so do marriages.

You First

Reckoning with forces that split a family apart.


No matter the job, we all have the opportunity to infuse it with value and dignity.

Mama's Hands

Every wrinkle held a story.

Winning the World Series

Teaching our children the true meaning of “victory.”

Marriage: From Caterpillar to Butterfly

Lessons from the first marriage in history.

Don't Scream, Sing!

A text from the Middle Ages yields effective parenting advice.


It's mundane. It's magical. It's motherhood.

Drop the Mask

Marriage is built on the courage to be vulnerable.

The Dumb Father

Too many fathers think parenting is a woman's domain.

Abusive Mother

How far does honoring parents go?

Extra Sensitive?

What's the matter with kids today?

Lamb Chops on a Bed of Couscous

Jamie Geller makes the ultimate meal to impress, sponsored by Hagafen Cellars.

Gorgeous George

George doesn’t walk, he waltzes.

The Way We Get By

A wonderful documentary about ordinary, elderly people providing extraordinary support.

Mean Kids

Teaching our children that cruelty and unkindness will not be tolerated.

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