5 Steps to a Great Marriage #5: Be Masters of Growth and Healing

A crucial task of marriage is to allow yourself to discover your weaknesses and take responsibility for working on and correcting them.

Birthday for the Bereaved

The mother of a terror victim grapples with a meaningful way to commemorate her son's birthday.

The "Terrorist" Within

The war on terrorism needs to be waged on all fronts. We may not have the power to determine world policy, but we can take charge of our internal landscape.

5 Steps to a Great Marriage #4: Be King and Queen

Your spouse is your number one priority. Becoming queen and king means creating an unshakable alliance between husband and wife.

Parenting Teenagers: The Agony and the Ecstasy

Mature, childish. Detached, clingy. Selfish, caring. Respect us, scorn us. Stop the insanity! Some practical tips on raising teenagers.

Coping with Retirement

Retirement often makes people feel useless and worthless, but a change of perspective can turn that around.

Cowboy Natie's Eggless Challa

Bubby Irma shares her family's delicious challa recipe.

Talking to Our Children About the Tragedies

Our children are looking to us for calm and compassion, faith and hope.

Five Steps to a Great Marriage #3: Be Like Builders

Staying married means sharing meaningful goals and values.

Apples and a Sweet New Year

Serve apples and honey with a twist this New Year. Two delicious and easy recipes.

Legacies and Luggage

A broken suitcase sums up the challenge and opportunity as we approach the High Holidays.

When Loss and Celebration Collide

A mother's passing and a son's bar mitzvah create an emotional whirlwind when both run into each other.

5 Steps to a Great Marriage #2: Be a Team

Do you have the communication and negotiating skills needed to be a team?

Taking Charge: How To Discipline with Love

Too much permissiveness is a sure-fire way to raise spoiled, unruly children. But how to enforce the rules and still communicate unending love?

For Women Only

Three mitzvoth, special to women, elevate the home to spiritual heights.

Authority in Parenting

Authority is not a four letter word. It's essential in raising healthy children, and in fostering their relationship with God.

"The Surrendered Wife"?

I cringed at the title, but the book, "The Surrendered Wife," offers a surprising amount of wisdom.

Something You Already Know

The world is divided into two kinds of people: those who fear getting older and those who do not.


Combating jealousy begins with the realization that God gives everyone just what exactly what he needs.

Father's Day and Raw Eggs

Memories from age 8 shed light on a deep spiritual truth: You will be judged the way you judge others.

Terminal Life

There is no greater source of pain than the imminent loss of a loved one.

Cultivating Kindness

Tools for inspiring our kids to stretch beyond their comfort zones and become givers.

The Power Source

Electrical appliances cannot function if they are not connected to a power source. Neither can we.

Respecting Your Child's Emotional Reality

How to take your children's emotional reality seriously.

The Art of Giving and Taking Criticism

When your relatives offer unwelcome child-rearing advice, what's the best response?

Living Here

On a bus in Jerusalem, all eyes followed the girl who suddenly broke down and cried.

Connecting: Passover Reflections

Passover often brings up memories of loss, but it can also bring up memories of our initial connection with God at Sinai.

Children of Divorce

When teenage step-children react with hostility, they are expressing deep pain.

The Dangers of Criticism

There is a big difference between lashing out with insensitive criticism and admonishing with respect and love.

The Joys (?) of Passover Cleaning

It is possible not only to enjoy Passover cleaning, but to find it to be the most meaningful aspect of holiday preparation.

The Not So Newlywed Game

Do you still remember why you married your spouse? Do you make an effort to keep the romance alive? Are you still cheering each other on?

Just a Slight Adjustment of Focus

Raising happy children sometimes depends only on a kind word and a moment's extra attention.


I don't know about you, but keeping my kids happy on Sundays is a major challenge.

Celebrating Differences: Tips for Effective Parenting

A mother of eleven offers her special tips on raising children.

Mirroring Parents

What lessons are your kids picking up by watching your day-to-day behavior?

Women and the Workplace

Women are blessed with the special talents to create positive environments wherever we are and with whatever we are doing.

Respecting your Child's Uniqueness

Appreciating your children's uniqueness is essential to their overall self-esteem.

Who's Minding the Kids?

Our child's self concept is being built every day. Who's the primary person doing the imprinting?

Out of the Mouth of Babes

A child's perspective is clear and pure, unclouded by "experience" and cynicism. If we allow ourselves, we can learn much from a child's wide-eyed view of life.

A Self Fulfilling Prophecy - Part 2 - Building Positive Self Esteem In Children

Parents are like a mirror, reflecting back their children's self-image. What your children see is what you'll get.

The Internet and Intimacy

A husband is having an e-mail relationship with a woman he has never met and who lives oceans away. Is he "cheating" on his wife?

Why I Send My Kids to Day School

Why is someone like me, staunchly Reform and secular, sending my kids to an Orthodox Jewish day school?

Building Your Child's Positive Self-Image: Part 1

A down-to-earth Jewish primer on raising kids with healthy self-esteem.

The Trouble with In-Laws

The young wife wants to please yet do things her way. The young husband remembers the way his mother did things -- perfectly. The mother hates to let go. This is a combination that spells disaster.

It's Called "Commitment"

Today everything is disposable, from the trivial to the profound. It takes a dramatic shift to internalize the power of permanence.

Apathy and Indifference

In the month of Cheshvan, there is only silence. This lack of communication between God and his children warrants the addition of the word "bitter" to the month of Cheshvan.

Not Another Parenting Class!

Do we really need another parenting class? Isn't it enough to just follow our instincts?

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