My Son's Bar Mitzvah

"It's not about the bills, it's not about the bills," intones the mother, as the family gets revved up planning a meaningful Bar Mitzvah experience for the first born son.

The Joys of A Large Family

"Didn't you ever hear of birth control?" There was no malice in her question. She simply couldn't understand the value of having a large family.

Circus, Circus

A visit to Las Vegas shows up the seductiveness of illusion, and reinforces that there is no place like home.

Married (A Second Time) With Children

Forget the Brady Bunch. Here are six tools for coping with some of the unique challenges step-families present.

Getting Closer

An eight-week intimacy building program that will greatly increase the closeness and pleasure you want to experience with your spouse.

The Problem of Raising Typical Kids

Parents of kids who fight, forget their bathing suit and crumple their schoolwork sometimes need to be reminded that their kids are "normal."

Understanding Your Child

Good parents, help their children develop a roadmap to their own unique personalities. To do that, you've got to really know your child.

The Restorative Power of Kindness

We read inspirational books to reassure ourselves that kind and caring people still exist. Yet, so easily, we could be one of them.

Don't Get No Respect?

When you walk in the room do your children even notice? Do they contradict you, yell at you or argue with you? The issue is respect -- or, the lack of it.

Marriage Dances

A common marriage dance is a two-step called "attack-withdrawal." One wants expressions of love and asks for it the wrong way; the other feels threatened and retreats.

The Winning Team

Little league has a bad rap -- frustrated coaches, over-invested parents and damaged kids -- but it is possible for it to generate a healthy Jewish experience.

Disciplining Kids Effectively

Effective discipline begins long before you need to correct anything. It depends on the trusting relationship between the parent and child.

Independence Day

A child's first driving lesson sends her mother into a panic.

Summer In the City

Call me Scrooge. Call me the Grinch. I hate (or rather, as we say around our house, I'm not fond of) the summer.

The Gratitude Attitude

Do not underestimate the power of "Thank You" notes to help kids learn to appreciate the good that others do for them.

Infidelity and Forgiveness

A woman came to me in deep despair, asking a very difficult question: "My husband had an affair with another woman. How can I ever forgive him and trust again?"

Intensifying Love Through Giving

Are you silently keeping score of who does what in your marriage? Here are some practical tips on how to give unconditionally and intensify your love.

Material Girl

I was flipping through one of those women's magazines that no one ever admits to reading when an ad caught my eye.

Judging Others Favorably

Giving people the benefit of the doubt applies to children too. In fact judging our children favorably is the most effective tool for teaching them this powerful commandment.

Dr. Mitzvah - Subway Scramble

A Nest of Trouble! Flying feathers and flying tempers and much ado about cockledoodledoo.

Phases of Freedom

Freedom from is not enough. It must be followed by freedom to.

Two and One-Half Hours a Day

Carpooling may be a nuisance, but it shows your children you truly care about their education.

Love Thy Principal

Teachers are human too. A little bit of effort on your part can go a long way to helping your child in the classroom.

Male and Female He Created Them

Men and women were created as opposites and their differing natures can elevate or undermine a marriage.

Who Comes First -- Your Spouse or Your Children?

Children will go on to forge lives of their own, but the relationship with your spouse is forever. It fosters growth like no other relationship can.

Counting Every Moment

Every moment of life is a gift, but too many of us are bogged down by what was or what will be and fail to keep the present in focus.

Letting Go: Notes From a Mother

As a teenage daughter leaves home, one mother panics, takes stock and lets go.

Facing the World: A Daughter's Relection

As she crosses the threshold from her teens into adulthood, a young woman takes stock of who she has to thank for her confidence and love of life.

Combating Jealousy

"Joshua got a bigger piece of cake than me!" How can we replace our children's fear of being shortchanged with a secure feeling that they have all they need?

Where is Home?

Home has nothing to do with bricks and mortar and furnishings; it has everything to do with the spirit which fills it.

A Weighty Issue

An obsession with dieting is not a Torah value, but neither is preoccupation with food. The challenge is striking a balance in today's fat-conscious world.

Coping With Fear

How to teach your children to cope with living in a scary, sometimes unjust world.

Personal Liberation

The tyranny of our personal "pharaohs" keeps us enslaved. The preparations for Passover give us a glimpse of freedom and the greatness of our potential

I Only Have Eyes For You

A happy marriage is one where intimacy is protected against any and all intrusion by impenetrable barriers.

Shop 'Til You Drop

What is it with adolescent girls and shopping? One mother's battle for perspective.

Is God a Man or a Woman?

Q. My four-year-old daughter has begun to ask about God. Is God a man or a woman? What is God? What should I tell her?

Opening Our Homes: What's In It For Our Kids

A home is your castle, but is also a tool for teaching your children sharing, hospitality, and caring about others.

Dr. Mitzvah - Passover

The delicious food for the Cedarville Seder is stolen!

How to Build Trust in Marriage

Without trust in your marriage, you are headed for an abusive relationship (or may be in one already).

No Ordinary Dinner

Meeting a real Jewish hero reminds us that we all have the power to make our dreams a reality - and the world a better place.


Children who fly into temper tantrums may be modeling their behavior on parents who use anger as a teaching tool.

A Woman For All Seasons

When the focus changes from self-growth to diapers and dishes, a woman's relationship with God is bound to need some adjusting.

Blessed be God ... Who Didn't Make Me a Man

Jewish feminism doesn't mean wanting to be a man. It means thanking God for creating you perfectly female.

Effective Conflict Resolution

Disagreement is a natural part of marriage. Speak softly and definitely forget the big stick.

Quality Time

Quality time is a myth. Yes it sometimes happens, but scheduling it is impossible.

Gaining Respect

Treating your kids with respect is the best way to teach them to respect you. Think you can pull it off?

The Legacy of Mrs. Cash

An old woman who took advantage of every opportunity to compliment and affirm others, leaves behind a powerful lesson.

The Fountain of Youth

Trying out the new anti-wrinkle cream while pondering how aging can be beautiful.

Talking to Your Kids About Divorce

Q: What does it mean when people get divorced?

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