That Extra Moment

The profound impact of a few sincere words.

Paradise Found_

The two-page spread featuring luxury seaside villas planned for Phuket, Thailand, took my breath away.

Winter's Gifts

I hated winter -- until my son's question forced me to put God into the frigid equation.

Thanksgiving: Yams of Joy

Even the Intensive Care Unit could not dampen my mother's joy -- nor my appreciation of her zest for life.

Mother's Love and Chicken Soup

Have your soup now. Cry later.

Row W, Seat 1

On Rosh Hashana, I feel connected to the grandparents I've never known.

How Green Was My Checkbook

Saving my family money at the Big Food-A-Plenty warehouse store.

Truths my Father Taught me

A Father's Day Tribute

All About Aunt Nettie

A Mother's Day Tribute.

The Figure in the Doorway

A mother's love can never be repaid.

Grandpa's Little Girl

A dying father's words and blessings from the mikvah.

When the Jasmine Blooms

It was one of those mornings - kids creating havoc and so many patients waiting to see me. And then the unexpected happened.


My foster brother is an eight-year-old miracle.

Grandpa Joe's Alpine Legacy

The joy of skiing, etched into a family's DNA, spans four generations -- from war torn Austria to a Californian mountainside.

Home for the High Holidays

They all come home sooner or later. But you must mark the trail.

Back to School and Broke

Suddenly, at the end of August, kids not only need new wardrobes, but also a list of school supplies longer than the federal tax code.

Summertime Blues

How I am spending their summer vacation.

Who 's That Kid In Enormous Shoes Calling Me Mommy?

The teen years are an age of contradictions -- for both mother and son.

All in the Seder

Passover proves the key to liberating one family's strained relations.

Pop's Megillah

Did my grandfather realize that his proud and sturdy Megillat Esther would 100 years later be treasured by his grandson whom he would never meet?

The Plague of the School Science Fair

My son's favorite experiment was "Which Jokes Are Most Likely to Make My Brother Laugh so Hard at the Dinner Table that Water Spurts Out His Nose?"

A Bat Mitzvah to Remember

With the room filled with joyous music and whirling girls, that's when I noticed her. Shuli, a girl with Downs' Syndrome, was sitting off to the side, not dancing.

The Secret Pre-1A "Siety"

One day our world turned over. Our teacher was seen crying and we knew exactly what needed to be done.

Under Attack

I had contingency plans for many emergencies likely to strike during my absence. But tiny disgusting insects congealing to my children's heads was one I hadn't figured on.

Dear Bubby

Alzheimer's is like a thief who takes away the most precious memories of a life shared in love.

Parenting Prophets

Every so often something happens with one of my kids and I begin to understand what parenting is all about. This is one of those moments.

Fretting About Fressing

How to Cope with Yom Tov Eating.

Dancing with Grandma

Dancing with my grandmother is discovering that you are the most wonderful person in the entire world.

The Runaway Shabbas Shoes

What does an eight-year-old take when he runs away from home?

Goodbye Poverty, Hello America

Remembering our Old World origins, B.A. -- before America.

Letting My Daughter Go

Sending your 18-year-old to the other end of the world is not easy.

A Heavenly Trip on Father's Day

I couldn't wait to dangle at the small end of a hot air balloon over an African meadow without a doctor or ambulance beneath me.

A Woman's Work Is Never Done

Sarah and Rebecca set the standard for Jewish women to follow. Let's get inspired!

Gluckel of Hameln: A Mother for the Ages

Gluckel understood a childrearing mystery: Why don't our kids love us more?

Mother's Day Fantasy

Think precious metals, and remember: I already have a Dustbuster.

The Numbers Game

There is more than one way to define a large family.

Elijah in Manhattan: A Love Story

Sometimes the longest journey is the journey home.

A Ghostly Bar Mitzvah

A tale about a father and son who plan a Bar Mitzvah celebration in a ravaged Polish village in 1946.

The Bracelet

A simple gift from her children teaches one mother an important lesson about love.

A Beautiful Soul

Shaindel is schizophrenic and homeless -- and a beloved fellow Jew.

I'm So Tired

I have become an expert in tiredness, and I need at least nineteen more words to express all its different aspects.

Birthday for the Bereaved

The mother of a terror victim grapples with a meaningful way to commemorate her son's birthday.

When Loss and Celebration Collide

A mother's passing and a son's bar mitzvah create an emotional whirlwind when both run into each other.

Something You Already Know

The world is divided into two kinds of people: those who fear getting older and those who do not.

Father's Day and Raw Eggs

Memories from age 8 shed light on a deep spiritual truth: You will be judged the way you judge others.

The Joys (?) of Passover Cleaning

It is possible not only to enjoy Passover cleaning, but to find it to be the most meaningful aspect of holiday preparation.


I don't know about you, but keeping my kids happy on Sundays is a major challenge.

Out of the Mouth of Babes

A child's perspective is clear and pure, unclouded by "experience" and cynicism. If we allow ourselves, we can learn much from a child's wide-eyed view of life.

Not Another Parenting Class!

Do we really need another parenting class? Isn't it enough to just follow our instincts?

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