My First Year of Marriage: 3 Top Lessons

Including: don’t ever talk about your past relationships.

INFOGRAPHIC: 6 Ways to Stay in Love Forever

Making these habits a part of your life will transform your marriage.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's Divorce

Instead of mindless speculation about other peoples ruined relationships, let’s focus on how we can better our own marriages.

Patrick Dempsey is Not Getting a Divorce

There’s still hope when marriage is no longer “McDreamy.”

Date Night In Marriage

How to make it work for you.

Breaking Negative Cycles in Marriage

Don’t let the past rule your response to the present.

9 Myths about Happy Couples

How many myths are you living with?

Six Ways for Couples to Grow Together

Best practices for continued growth in marriage.

Four Toxic Patterns of Communication in Marriage

And how to make sure they don’t poison your relationship.

Creating a Safe Relationship

How to ensure your marriage is accepting, warm and supportive.

The #1 Tip to Change Your Marriage Instantly

Appreciation is the most common item missing in marriages. And the easiest way to improve your relationship.

4 Ways to Improve Your Marriage All By Yourself

How to bring about positive change in your marriage even if your spouse isn’t all that interested.

5 Myths about Marriage

Debunk these 5 common myths and create an atmosphere of love.

The Good/Bad Lies in Marriage

Is it ever okay to lie to your spouse?

Why Get Married

Four reasons to help you clarify if you’re ready to get married.

#1 Most Important Thing to Change Your Marriage

How to make the biggest instant impact on your marriage.

18 Things I'm Letting Go for My Marriage

In honor of our 18th anniversary, here’s what I’ve learned to leave behind to have a great marriage.

Why So Many Young Jewish Couples are Divorcing

4 keys to understanding the crisis facing singles and marriage today.

The Osbourne’s Gray Divorce

3 ways to fall in love again after all these years.

3 Essential Secrets to Lasting Love

You and me don’t have to agree for there to be a loving we.

Preventing Divorce after Decades of Marriage

3 steps to work on before it’s too late.

Why Opposites Attract

A well-kept secret to long-term attraction in marriage.

My Husband’s Insidious Affair with Work

Beware of the dangers of triangulation in your marriage.

The Best Way to Say I Love You

And it's not through an expensive box of chocolates or diamond earrings.

She Just Doesn’t Meet My Needs

We are becoming a society of disposable marriages and relationships.

When All Your Spouse Wants is Silence

Sometimes saying nothing is the kindest and most effective form of communication.

Those Little Annoying Things

You don't restore a marriage by getting the other to do your will. You transform a relationship by creating love, collaboration and respect.

How Women Can Deal with Fear of Marriage

How to overcome anxiety about failing at marriage.

8 Ways to Light Up Your Marriage

Hanukkah is an ideal time to rededicate yourself to your marriage.

Take the Initiative in Your Marriage

Don’t wait for your spouse to give you what you need.

5 Things to Do During Your First Year of Marriage

How to work on building your marriage every single day.

Fighting in Marriage

9 ways to turn a valid argument into a full scale battle.

4 Ways to Renew Your Marriage

Based on the meaning of the Jewish month of Elul.

Three Reasons Couples Grow Apart

Many couples divorce because “we just grew apart.” It can happen to any of us if we’re not careful.

Vision for Marriage

A practical exercise for couples to get the love you want.

Top 6 Articles for Working on Your Marriage

Many divorces would be avoided if couples would be willing to put in the work necessary to create a vibrant marriage.

Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner's Divorce

Understanding the 5 Stages of marriage can increase your commitment when times are tough.

Eight Things Women Say and What They Really Mean

A user-friendly guide for men who sometimes have no idea what their wife is really saying.

My Father’s Advice on Rekindling Love

How to add more passion in your marriage.

Nine Questions to Ask about Your Marriage

Practical tools to strengthen and enhance your marriage.


I didn’t want my children to lose their Grandma even though I was losing my Mom.

Men and Listening

With their single-minded focus, men are actually excellent listeners.

Marrying Young

While marriage rates continue to plummet, my son, 22, is bucking the trend and marrying his 21-year-old bride.

5 Rules for Fighting Fair

The latest studies on how to have a good fight.

How to Choose Love

Making your marriage thrive by constantly choosing to love.

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