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Ten Things Men Wish Women Knew

Ten Things Men Wish Women Knew

The unadorned truth. Print it and refer to it often.


Click here to read "Ten Things Women Wish Men Knew."

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Ladies, it's not complicated. And guys feel free to add your additional points in the comment sections below.

1) Just like women, we need love. Even though women have the reputation of being more emotionally needy, we find ourselves longing for those words. Please say them often.

2) Additionally we crave respect and approval. Show us admiration and your wish will be our command. Nag us or attack us and we will retreat to our caves.

3) We are not mind readers. We can’t anticipate your needs and desires. Tell us what you want. Help us out. We want to give to you but you need to tell us how. Don’t be coy; be straight. The proof of our love is not in our clairvoyance but in our response to your clearly expressed wishes.

4) We respect what a good mother you are and how much you do for the community, but we do not want to be at the bottom of your to-do list. We want to feel like we are the most important person in your life. (Would you mind getting off the phone when we walk in the door?)

5) Our desire for physical intimacy is not some trivial biological need that we should just suppress until the kids are older. It is an expression of our desire for a deep and profound connection with you. When you rebuff it, it is hurtful and we feel rejected. Imagine if we are always too tired to talk to you…

6) Our jobs are important to us – for our self-worth, for a feeling of accomplishment, and because we want to provide for our families. Please try to understand that we work hard and are actually not on the golf course all day.

7) You seem to think we’re incompetent but we are actually capable of watching our children – and even doing a good job of it! If you want to have a break and get out of the house, please go – and trust us.

8) We are not another one of your children. Please don’t speak of us that way (we don’t think it’s cute) when talking with your friends, and please don’t treat us that way. It diminishes us and you.

9) We really wish we could give you all the material possessions your heart desires. It is painful to us that we can’t. Please don’t increase the pressure by constantly criticizing us about it.

10) We are simple creatures with simple needs. We don’t require elaborate dinners on fancy china. We just want the comfort of a warm home and the love of a good woman.

Click here to read "Ten Things Women Wish Men Knew."

Click here to download pdf file of both articles.

December 3, 2011

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(40) Rachel, July 13, 2015 1:43 AM

I agree with everything above !!!!

You want him to bring out the best in you, do the same for him. Men are as fragile as women but they just don't know how to ask for loving tender care.

(39) StJesterM, February 14, 2012 5:29 PM

Look first at your nature... then at his.

Dear sore, If your husband would respond in positive ways to receiving more love, offer more. If not, ask why? Is your husband's spirit fully engaged in the marriage you share? If not, ask why? One day at a time. Glad you spoke out. Perhaps these responses will help you. Take care.

(38) Nedaviah, January 16, 2012 12:08 PM

Happily Married

Anyone who does not understand or appreciate this article needs to read GARDEN OF EMUNA... It changed the life of my husband and I... We are Happily married with three children. I am currently away, working in Afghanistan... My husband is my lifeline, my best friend, and a wonderful father. The only one I trust more than him is Hashem... Emuna is complete faith that everything is from Hashem and that everything He does is good and for your own good. There is no bad in the world... Only what SEEMS to be bad... Since everything that comes form Hashem is good, then even the seemingly bad is really good... Because it is from Him! The Garden of Emuna will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that even the worst situations a person suffers are for that person's ultimate benefit. Read The Garden of Emuna!!!

Mescha, December 7, 2012 5:55 AM

Happily married too!

Two more books same author... For men only- garden of peace For women only- women's wisdom ( garden of peace for women) Shalom bayit!!!

(37) sore, December 15, 2011 7:20 AM

i don't believe

i can not believe i am living on the same planet with all these happily married people. my life is getting worse from day to day..every month my husband proudly announces the increasing of his salary, getting some bonus.. whatever.. the more he gets the more i suffer. looking around he picks the books, DVD, cups, anything.. that have been bought 15(!) years ago and asks how dare i to buy anything like this! we came to Canada six years ago from Israel. unfortunately, my best friends-my parents, G-d bless them , aren't here all the time, they stayed in Israel.. he is my only relative here, so am i for him. we have 3 kids, i don't work.. i know, i know.. "what a stupid b*" you will say..not everything is only about money as it seems to be. my DH has never been at the mall with me and the kids, let alone theater or cinema, he hates downtown. he is afraid to go somewhere where kids may ask to buy hot chocolate...i just don't want to look such a pathetic and lonely moron always walking with anyone but him. i mean 40-years old woman walking either with her parents or with her kids, sometimes girlfriends, never with her husband. bitter and lonely, what a joke. my husband's beloved wife is his job, has always been.. for the last years we have been having great sex, i mean it i.s. great.. i think it's age kicking in. he doesn't seem to be interested in it anymore. sometimes as an afterword he shouts at me why don't i turn off all the lights at home since the electricity is so expensive, there is only one bulb in a family room he approves..he never touches me, never hugs, especially when someone can see us, but doesn't have a problem to offend me, not even noticing he does it. especially he likes to do it in presence of my parents or our kids, teaching them to ignore me. he is just indifferent.. why am i writing all this? i just need a "sheet of paper" and i do hope this is an old thread so no one will see it. i just wanted to write it down, more for myself.

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