Silent Married Couple

Why the couple in the restaurant aren't talking to each other.


How do you want to be remembered?

Hard To Say Goodbye

I thought I'd mastered this letting go business.

Summer Is Coming

Time for relief or panic?

Preserving Mystery

A greater openness does not seem to have led to greater marital success.

Choosing Happiness

The power for happiness is in our hands, and no one else's.

The Overweight Child

What's a parent to do?

Shavuot and Commencement

When it comes to accepting the Torah, we can become like conflicted teenagers.

Kids' Day

Take a moment and appreciate your kid's goodness.

The Perfect Parent

If they make a mistake, should parents apologize to their children?

Handling In-Laws

The cardinal rule: Your first loyalty is to your spouse.

Fear of YouTube

Imagine your life being broadcast online to the world.

Being An In-Law

Give financial support and keep your mouth shut.

A Good Morning

When I'm grateful for just not screaming.

MySpace, My Slander

Today's perpetrator could be tomorrow's victim.

The Dead Zone

Is your spouse too tired to talk?

Fairy Tale Wedding

Your wedding should not be the happiest day of your life.

The Wife's Gigabyte Memory

Elephants are famous for their memories. Among human beings, there's nothing like a wife.

Blame Game

Is your spouse behaving in a way you find disturbing? The first place to look should be in a mirror.

You (Haven't) Come A Long Way Baby

There is a new feminist battle to be fought.

Fighting Fair

Five rules on having a good fight with your spouse.

The Sacred Place

Too many couples have sacrificed closeness to the call of The Late Show.

Building Fences

Don't rely on willpower alone to keep your resolutions.

I'm Rooting for Harry

J.K. Rowling can end the Harry Potter series with hope and optimism, or cynicism and disillusionment. Let's hope she chooses wisely.

Advice from Miss Deitz's Third-Grade Class

Marriage is about more than giving. It's about putting our spouse's needs constantly and completely before our own.

We're Gonna Have a Ball!

Funerals can be a powerful force for change.

The Sandwich Generation

Reaching middle age doesn't have to mean getting squished from our growing children on one side and our aging parents on the other.

Your Red Pen

We all know the pain and humiliation of being the victim of an unedited speaker.

It's Not About the Diamond

Presents are nice. Luxurious presents may be nicer. But don't confuse them with real thoughtfulness and caring.

Littering the Holy Land

Thank God, the streets of Jerusalem are alive once again. There is bustle and energy, hope and joy. And sadly, lots of garbage.

Waste Not

Putting your leftovers to maximum use.

Respect Your Elders

No matter what your age, it's never too late to make a difference.

Fashion Statement

If you don't want to be treated like an object, don't dress like one.


Complaining isn't just a bad habit. It actually makes the problem worse.

Wrinkles and All

The pleasures of reaching middle age.

Bonding through Mutual Dislike

Is gossip really a good way to create relationships?

Getting the Ear of the President

Everyday you get the opportunity to meet the most important leader of the world. Are you ready?

Starting the New Year Right

We frequently spend our time on trivial pursuits at the expense of more important ones.

A Fresh Start

Yom Kippur is one of the most hopeful days of the year.

School Supplies Run Amok

Mixed with delight and relief on the first day of school is the fear of the dreaded school supply lists.

Just the Two of Us

There's nothing like a short vacation – just you and your spouse, with no kids – to strengthen your marriage.

Kindness Begins at Home

Why do we feel proud of ourselves for cooking for an acquaintance who just gave birth and burdened by making dinner for our families?

Not in the Mood

It's the giving that counts, not the feeling.

Warmth on the Glacier

Jewish unity in Alaska.

Unimaginable Perseverance

Brooke Ellison is a quadriplegic, paralyzed from the neck down, and she's running for NY State senator.

19 Minutes a Day

Is that enough time to let your child know he or she is a top priority?

Standing Up for Israel

This is a time of trouble for our people, and there is no standing on the sidelines. We all need to be counted.

You've Got a Friend

Our support and trust network is shrinking, and yes we should care.

Shamu and the Happy Marriage

Want to change your spouse's behavior? Reward desired action and ignore the undesirable.

Great Expectations

If teachers believed in the abilities of all of their students, they'd all achieve significantly more.

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