It's in the hardwiring, but does that make gossip good?

Distracted by Television

Turn off the TV and relate to your spouse.

Future Predictions

We spend too much time on big worries for the future, and too little on the small kindnesses of the present.

Letting Go Revisited

Sending off my kids to Israel is getting harder, not easier.

Understanding of the Heart

Women's problems aren't new; the angst is. Here's the first step toward sanity

Living to Eat

What should food mean to us?

Limiting Our Children's Education

Being well-rounded is neither an appropriate nor useful goal for children's education.

Re-Inventing Our Lives

Don't believe the women's magazines. Passover tells us how to truly re-invent ourselves.

Passover: The Ultimate Immersion Course

Passover so dominates our minds and actions, it's almost impossible not to grow from the experience.

Good and Bad Advice

This line has got to be one of the worst pieces of advice.

Hovering Too Low

Many parents today are hovering over their children and denying them the opportunity to be responsible.

Post-Feminism Discontent

A new study shows that just maybe marriages with more rigidly defined roles lead to happier women.

Dressing Up at Home

Casual is not an attitude for a Jewish woman.

Who's Afraid of Commitment?

Getting married warrants a good dose of fear.

A Private Affair

The boundaries between public and private, family and community, have all become blurred, to our detriment.

Big Bully

To make a real change in the school yard, we need to stop rewarding bullying in the business world.

Telling Israel What She Should Do

Israel is not and should not be independent of Jews throughout the rest of the world.

Men's Rights

I don't know how "separate but equal" ever turned into superior, but I never bought it.

Judging Alito

Can we ever escape our past?


If you think life is supposed to run smoothly and easily, I can promise you a life of frustration.

They Fired Me!

We all recognize that our jobs are not our essence, but many of us are far from living with that reality.

Gen-X Envy

They're mastering the work-life balance. Now comes the hard part.

Munich Revisited

Under the guise of caring, there is actually a doctrine of indifference.

Bring It On!

When extravagance is called for.

Bat Mitzvah Hoopla

There is an irony that this traditional celebration of the assumption of responsibilities seems to actually illustrate the lack thereof.

Stop Kvetching

Complaining is a poor substitute for productivity and genuine care.

My Wrinkles

Do I really want my happiness to hinge on the success of the latest anti-wrinkle cream?

Can't You Guys Tidy Up?!

Isn't there some way we can imbue our children with a neatness gene?

You Can't Always Get What You Want

Relating to God can't be reduced to magical formulas or good luck charms.

Let Your Husband Do the Dishes

Why would anyone assume the specific work of a home and a marriage should all fall on only one spouse?

Same-Sex Education

There are many benefits to taking the male-female dynamic out of the education equation.

Despicably Rich

Why do so many people dislike the wealthy and secretly desire their downfall?

Yom Kippur China

Nicks and cracks on our souls are ultimately more expensive that those on our Mikasa dishes, but unlike our plates, these holes can be filled.

It's Rosh Hashana. Don't Panic.

Sometimes the biggest spiritual challenge in preparing for a Yom Tov occurs at the supermarket.

Life's Change Agent

Death is very likely the single best invention of Life.

Acts of God

This is a time to stop talking and blaming, and start giving.

I'm Not in the Mood

It's the giving that counts, not the feeling.

Living Together

Why do people continue to cohabit before marriage in the face of such daunting odds and dire predictions?

Bigger Is Better

When a 12,000 square foot estate just isn't enough.

I Look So Fat

While our spouses may love us, warts and all, it's certainly not because of the warts!

Today's Ultimate Status Symbol

Keeping busy to fill the void.

Tom Cruise's Proposal

Making our private moments public diminishes their value.

What's the Matter with Kids Today?

There is very little in anyone's life today that teaches respect for authority.

Married and Dating

Get out of the house and rediscover the joy and wonder you have for each other.

Don't Believe Everything You See

In order to judge favorably, consider the potential inaccuracy of the information itself.

The Good War

If you're going to take a stand, you must be prepared to put your money where your mouth is.

America, George Washington and Me

Can you be both proud to be an American and proud to be a Jew? I am.

Marriage Is Not a Competition

When you hand over the screaming baby, at least try to smile.

Husband Bashing

If husbands aren't really the primary cause of housewives' dissatisfaction, what is?

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