Longing for God

Tisha B’Av is an opportune time to recapture our intense drive to connect with our Creator.

Making Summer Count

Chilling out is fine. But three months hanging out poolside?


A lesson in greatness from George Marston.


It’s getting really hard to keep your private life private.

Advice for Sick Friends

Sometimes our advice is not only wrong, it’s hurtful.

It’s the Little Things

Every act of kindness counts.

Mirror Mirror Off the Wall

Making character our primary focus does not mean that we should go around unkempt, wearing a burlap sack.

Personal Hygiene in Public

When did it become okay to floss your teeth and clean your ears in public?

Don’t Pity the Child

Kids take their cues from parents. What message are you projecting?

More Kids, Less Stress?

On being a “good enough” mother.


Successful relationships require accepting your loved one’s idiosyncrasies, no matter how crazy you find them.

Modesty in the Classroom

In today’s over-sexualized society, some school official are trying to bring some decorum and learning back to the classroom.

Alzheimer’s and Dignity

Seeing the human being inside the shell.

Nanny State – Literally!

Do you want the government involved in your parenting?

Obama’s Family Time

Even the President of the United States can’t have it all.

Source of Inspiration

Inspiration is everywhere – particularly when I’m awake enough to notice!

Stages of Freedom

The Exodus from Egypt was just the beginning.

It’s Against Our Policy

An elderly patient died from bureaucracy without humanity.

I Love Cleaning for Passover

The physical clean-up leads to spiritual freedom.

Compassionate Love

Small acts, big love.

Punk Rocker for the Day

Purim allows us to drop our fears and be vulnerable.

Embarrassing Our Children

Humiliation is never an effective parenting tool.

A Special Bat Mitzvah

A great idea that should be part of everyone’s celebration.

It’s Not about Lance Armstrong

Don’t let his doping and lies allow you to become cynical and bitter.

Contempt in Marriage

This most destructive trait can also be insidious.

Destined for Divorce?

It’s in our power to transform our marriage.

Taylor Swift’s Wisdom

I ask myself: What will my kids think?

The 24-Hour Rule

Waiting to respond makes an enormous difference in all of our relationships.

Facebook Overexposure

Facebook poses a serious threat to our character.

My Half-Marathon

What were my daughter and I doing in Las Vegas walking the Strip until we were bone-weary tired?

Hanukkah’s Message of Hope

After hurricanes and financial stress, Hanukkah comes to dispel the darkness.

Mrs. Petraeus

What has happened to the power of sisterhood?

Manicures for Israel

It’s not as silly as you think.

Judging Petraeus

Don’t sit in self-righteous condemnation. We could all make the same mistake.

Sandy: A Lesson in Empathy

Visiting the east coast, I was jolted out of my complacency and lack of sensitivity.


I’m in favor of a zero tolerance policy for whispering at the table. Here’s why.

In-Laws without Rivalry

It's not only siblings who need to be on the lookout.

Controlling Our Kids

Back off and avoid the power struggles at all costs.

Gotta Laugh

Life requires a sense of humor.

Under God’s Wing

Sukkot teaches us how to find God in a world where He is hidden.

The Gift of Teshuva

Now is our opportunity to wipe the slate clean. Let’s make the most of it.

My Rosh Hashanah Mantra

The Almighty has given me everything I need.

Living Amidst the Chaos

Some people thrive amidst chaos. I am not one of them.

Too Sensitive

Genuine empathy makes us better people in every respect. So why chide it?

Beneath the Goth Look

There’s a real person inside whose book is deeper and much more substantial than his cover.

The Busy Trap

Who has time to deal with life’s real issues?

A Series of Fortuitous Events

Seeing God’s Hand during our trip to Switzerland.

Taking It Out on the Spouse

Don’t take your closest relationships for granted.

Shattered Glass

Since the death of my infant granddaughter, I find it easier to feel the pain in losing the temple.

When Summer Never Ends

Help! I’ve got the “it’s summer again and the kids are already bored” blues.

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