The Mommy Chronicles: One Small Red Lego

Why do we desire whatever belongs to someone else?

The Mommy Chronicles: Potty Training and Diet Advice

In my attempts to teach my three-year-old some self-control, I lost mine.

Building Self-Esteem in Children

To help your children attain self-esteem, you need to develop your own self-esteem.

The Mommy Chronicles: Honorable Mentions

Honor is found in the boardroom, the locker-room, the courtroom, and even the star's dressing room, but not in my kids' playroom.

The Mommy Chronicles: A Clean House

I'm my own version of superwoman. I do it all, but I don't clean the bathroom, and I'm okay with that.


As rough as those teenage years are, nothing quite prepares us for the major event that occurs when they finish high school: leaving home.

Summer Vacation

How I learned to enjoy summer and the kids without tearing my hair out.

Son, Skydiving is Dangerous

Teaching our children the rewards of patience.

The Gift of ADHD

ADHD has taught my daughter that nothing comes without working very hard and that you don't take good friends for granted.

Helping Kids Cope with Terror

How do we educate our children to feel the pain of the Jewish People without overwhelming them?

Loving Your New Brother

After an international adoption process that dragged on for nearly two years, the day Micah finally came home was one of the happiest our family has known.

Listening to Your Teenager

How to really listen to your teen who has somehow managed to reduce her vocabulary to "whatever" and some eye rolling.

Talking Teenagers

Why teenagers aren't talking to parents and what you can do about it.

Different Kids, Same School

Parents of children with learning disabilities have their own unique challenges. Start by accepting your children for who they are and focusing on their very real strengths.

Cold Turkey

After some bouts of panic, a family decides to kick the TV habit.

My Son, The Artist

Expectations for a child with Down Syndrome.

In the Blink of an Eye

My little daughter is growing up way too fast.

From the Heart of a Child

How my 5-year-old daughter taught me the true meaning of giving.

Coming Home

Coming home after a long day is fraught with expectations and surprises. Some tips for damage control.

Miracle at Dodger Stadium

Effort and prayer combine to beat impossible odds.

Flying Solo

My middle son has a couple of hard acts to follow. He's doing it his own special way.

The Good Parent

If we want to raise ethical children, we have no choice but to work on developing our character.

The Teenager Challenge

It's easy to push off the task of working on our character. But just wait till you have teenagers.

Marching to a Quicker Drummer

A brief report on ADHD in Jerusalem.

Bill Bennett's Vice

Accusations of hypocrisy leveled at the author of "The Book of Virtues" teach us an important lesson about how we instill values in our children.

Tell Your Children

Explaining the war -- and Passover -- to a six-year-old.

(Lack of) Parenting Expertise

The longer I parent, the less I feel I know. But here are a few basic principles that I try to live by.

The Love Mirror

What do your kids see when they look in your eyes?

Take Back the Night

A user-friendly guide to parent-teacher conferences.

Sparing the Rod

Most of us hit our children when we are angry or frustrated. We are not educating. We are venting.

Love Is Not Enough

Demonstrating love doesn't always come naturally. Parents need to know how to cuddle, kiss and hug their children.

Mothers and Daughters

The delicate and sometimes painful balancing act.

Letting Go

The sudden death of a young mother lends a stirring depth to her poetry.

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

Eating together as a family, even just once a week, yields tremendous benefits.

Stopping Lashon Hara

A primer on how to raise our children to look at the positive and speak well about others.

Tears of Pain and Joy

When our daughter was born, the feelings of joy were suddenly interrupted with the doctor's statement that she had Down's syndrome and possibly a severe congenital heart defect.

Green is a Jewish Color

In the quieter moments, the questions the children ask and the statements they make are well worth hearing.

The Graduates

A different kind of school. A different kind of graduation.

The At-Risk Teen

Some frequently asked questions in parenting pre-teens and teenagers, especially those at-risk.

Early Hopes

Being a parent of a preemie entails many challenges. The first one is hope.

Real Jewish Mothers

Mother's Day is not a Jewish holiday; it's a brilliantly contrived marketing tool. But try telling that to my mother.

Throw Away the Xerox Machine

Face it: Your child is not perfect. So try to appreciate their challenges and enjoy their strengths.

Teaching Children Responsibility

Bailing your child out of a difficult situation may not be doing him a favor at all.

The Committed Life

My first Sabbath taught me an important lesson about training the palate to enjoy the sweet flavor of success.

Life is for Love

Raising emotionally healthy children requires plenty of attention and affection. Easier said than done.

Spice of Life

Children are as varied as we are. Appreciating their uniqueness will add immeasurably to your pleasure -- and sanity.

Threats, Bribes, and Punishments

In trying to instill discipline, positive encouragement will get you a lot farther.

Two Parents, One Voice

Presenting a united front and speaking to our children with one voice is essential for effective parenting.

Parenting Teenagers: The Agony and the Ecstasy

Mature, childish. Detached, clingy. Selfish, caring. Respect us, scorn us. Stop the insanity! Some practical tips on raising teenagers.

Talking to Our Children About the Tragedies

Our children are looking to us for calm and compassion, faith and hope.

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