4 Tips on Teaching Kids to Behave

How to discipline your kids in a positive way.

My Eight Favorite Parenting Lines

And why I credit Judaism for all of them.

Raising Confident Children

We cannot shield our children from hard work and eventual disappointments. The same goes for parenting.

6 Mistakes I’m Making as a Father

My kids could tell you more but these are the primary issues I confront on a daily basis.

For What Do Parents Praise Their Kids?

The best way to make a better world is to praise kids for what really counts: being good.

Unconditionally Mom

Why your mom doesn't hate you even though she should.

5 Ways to Celebrate Mistakes

Let your kids make mistakes and grow from them.

Discipline with Harmony

Parenting and counting the Omer.

Kids and Sports: Our New Dysfunction

Based on my experience in the ER, parents have gone from being supportive to being subtly abusive. Why?

3 Steps to Teach Kids How to be Happy

It’s Purim time, is everyone happy? If not, try these tools with your kids.

Spoiled Child Syndrome

How to make sure you’re not raising a brat.

6 Tips on Encouraging Your Kids to Help Out

Make your kids feel appreciated and valued at home.

You’re Not Leaving the House Wearing That!

Does accepting our kids choices imply approval?

Tiger Mom’s Racial Theory

No race has the monopoly on success. But here’s the most important key to raising successful kids.

Raising Children & Tu B'Shvat

Embracing the mission to nurture the inherent potential of our children.

4 Ways to Build Resilience in Kids

How to instill confidence in children that they can handle life’s challenges and disappointments.

6 Ways to Get Your Child to Bed on Time

How to take charge and stop losing this battle.

Five Reasons a Good Marriage is Essential for Parenting

Working on your marriage may be the most important thing you’ll do to ensure your children’s emotional health.

4 Ways to Teach Kids to be Grateful

How parents can teach their kids to curb their drive to acquire and appreciate what they have.

Secrets to Happy Families

Three proven tips to strengthening your family.

5 Simple Ways to Get Your Kids to Listen

How to stop struggling with your kids and win their cooperation.

My Two-Year-Old Addict

It was no longer cute. My baby’s obsession with the computer was becoming harmful.

Teenage Rebel

Why do so many teenagers rebel against their parents?

Mommy Thursdays

How including my children in Shabbat preparations changed our relationship.

Kids with No Patience

Teaching our kids patience, anticipation, and humility in today’s hassle-free world.

How to Communicate with Your Kids

The 5 most important nonverbal elements in getting your kids to listen.

5 Ways to Teach Your Child Respect

How to build an atmosphere of respect in your home.

Royal Jewish Name

Jewish names speak to our very essence.

6 Ways to Avoid a Public Meltdown

With a little forethought, lots of empathy and a good babysitter, they can be prevented.

Say Little

Avoid the lectures. A gesture or one word is often the best way to communicate with kids.

Child Safety

Teach your kids how to protect themselves from predators. 3 short videos.

3 Tips for Single Fathers

Divorced fathers need to remember that their children need them.

Stop Rolling Your Eyes at Me!

A simple way to get through to your kids: empathy.

Raising Millennials

How to instill empathy and sensitivity in an age of narcissism and entitlement.

The Angry Child

10 tips to empower parents.

Singing from a Narrow Place

My father taught me the joy of singing in the wake of adversity.

Tweens & Social Media

Helping your teens navigate the exciting and potentially scary world of social media.

Adjusting Our Parenting Expectations

Realistic expectations are the key to handling frustration.

Call You Maybe

When someone else’s child is doing something dangerous, should you get involved?

Raising Resilient Children

Teaching children to prevail over tragedies like Sandy Hook and Hurricane Sandy.

Should We Tell the Children?

Talking to your kids about the Connecticut school shooting.

The Crews Missile: A Reply

Advice to Nick Crews, the disgruntled father who publically blasted his kids for their failures.

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