5 Parenting Goals for Every Family

How to ensure your children have a productive year.

Teaching Kids about the High Holidays

Practical ways to transmit the beauty of our heritage.

Rabbi Akiva’s Parenting Tip

The secret is gentle dripping water.

Child Safety at Camp

Watch this mom speak to her kids about camp safety.

Why the Chutzpah?

Parents who undermine each other bring disrespect home.

Being Mom Enough

Is Time magazine over the line with its cover photo of a mother breastfeeding her toddler son?

6 Questions for Mother’s Day

Using the day to reflect on the goals you have for your family.

A Jewish Mother’s Day Confession

What I’ve learned from my children.

The Biggest Mistake Parents Make

They’re afraid to expect, let alone demand, discipline, rules and chores.

When Children Lie

Why small children lie and what to do about it.

Parenting Fundamentals

Parenting is complicated. Here are some of the crucial tenets to keep your eye on.

Calling the Parents

All I wanted to do was hang up the phone, but that was no longer an option.

The Facebook Parent: A Response

How to really help your troubled teen.

Raising Compassionate Kids

How to teach children to be more caring and sensitive.

My Favorite Child

In a world that fantasizes about perfection, Shmuel did not meet any one’s expectations.

How to Talk to Teenagers

The first step is to stop talking and listen, without any agendas.

Mommy, Daddy, Stop Fighting

Four points a child wished her parents knew about fighting.

Worst Parent in the World

Protecting the welfare of our children supersedes the need to be considered their best-buddy.

And the Winner Is…

My son is running against his best friend and I'm afraid.

Overcoming the Parent Syndrome

I did not naturally love my baby son. Was something wrong with me?

It’s Raining, It’s Pouring

We can teach children to view circumstances as either good or bad.

Raising Different Drummers

You can't change your child's personality. Embrace it.

Construction Ahead

The delicate art of building our children's confidence.

Leaving Home

Saying goodbye is supposed to be messy and conflicted.

Unusual Sibling Rivalry

Help! Our 7-year-old son is constantly picking fights with his younger sister.

Ten Rules for Post Divorce Parenting

Ensuring your child's success after divorce.

The Manipulative Child

Red flags and how to break the cycle.

Bringing Children to a Funeral

Was I wrong to bring our 10-year-old daughter to her grandfather's funeral?

Free Jewish Books for Kids

Got young kids that love bedtime stories and want to learn Hebrew?

Sheltering Our Children

Where do we draw the line between allowing a child to experience difficult situations and excessive hurt?

The Helicopter Ride

Celebrating our son’s winning the big prize.

Wanted: More Fathers

Where have all the fathers gone?

Making Your Kids Happy

You can't. Here's what you can do instead.

Kids and Stress

Stressful times produce stressful kids. How can we empower our children as we empower ourselves?

Nurturing My Special Needs Child

When faced with zero educational options for her autistic son, one mother created her own.

ADHD in Children

Hey, the brakes don’t work!

The Marshmallow Test

A child's ability to delay gratification is a key indicator for future success.

Successful Marriage, Successful Parenting

Three reasons why the most important ingredient in successful parenting is a successful marriage.

How to Praise Your Children

Five principles of healthy, esteem-building praise.

To Tell or Not To Tell

Like the embryo itself, we wanted to keep the news wrapped up and protected.

Why Kids Need to Fail

Seven important lessons failure teaches our children.

The Classroom Bully

How to take the bully by the horns.

Are Chinese Parents Superior?

A Jewish response to Amy Chua's extreme parenting.

Understanding Asperger’s Syndrome

A 16-year-old girl, trapped in a prison without walls.

Aggression: Life with ADHD

The first time I gave my son medication, I felt like I was poisoning him.

Confessions of a Jewish American Teenager

Parents don’t want to hear about our struggles because they're hiding from the truth themselves.

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