Crash Course on Chanukah

A fascinating overview of the history and meaning of the holiday.

Chanukah: The Fight for Freedom

Why celebrate the miracle of oil and not the great military victory?

Latke Mania!

Give your family a treat with great new twists on this classic dish.

My Big Fat Greek War

Who are the Chanukah heroes who saved our people?

These Small Lights

Chanukah reminds us that we are not the same as everyone else.

How to Spell Hanukkah

Hanukkah is the only holiday that freaks out your spell check. And that confusion is deeper than you think.

Chanukah, 1942

Spreading the light in Nazi-occupied France.

Easy Hanukkah Recipes

And miraculously fun too.

How to Make Doughnuts

No hassle, no mixer, square and round doughnuts.

Why Dreidel?

On Hanukkah we recognize the miracle of nature.

Spark of Hope

Cancer I could laugh at. It was remission that was so difficult.

Fun Chanukah Cooking

Chanukah cooking doesn’t have to be boring!

Chanukah: A New Spin on Traditional Recipes

Some favorite traditional and dairy recipes your family will love.

Chanukah and the Heroic Jewish Woman

Are we willing to fight for what’s right?


Sing "eh-o" and light the candles!

A Jewish Child on Christmas

My parents succeeded in creating a wonderful Christmas - yet inside me something was amiss.

Miracle on Ice - Chanukah Edition

The Jewish definition of “miraculous” is different from Merriam-Webster.

Chanukah and Burnout

Why didn't God simply give the Jews an eight-day supply of oil?

Lots of Latkes and Donuts

And other special Chanukah treats.

The Miracle of Chanukah

The military victory and the burning oil provide a deep lesson in self-discovery.

A Dairy Chanukah

Celebrate with these delicious dairy dishes.'s Chanukah Reader

Stories, recipes, coloring pages, and a full "how-to" section.

Chanukah Songs: Popular Favorites

Sing along with these classic Chanukah tunes!

Against All Odds

Which was the bigger miracle: The military victory or the eight days of oil?

One Pure Thing

Bringing the hidden light of Chanukah into our lives.

Gifts for Chanukah

Look no further. AISHopping has the perfect present for Chanukah.

Lots of Latkes

Chanukah treats and more.

Twas the Night before Chanukah

An animated Chanukah poem for all ages

The Holiday Card

A small Chanukah miracle for a lonely Jewish soldier in Iraq.

Chanukah and Women

Women played an instrumental role in the Chanukah story.

Eight Ways to Banish the Darkness

Chanukah's eight powerful tools for bringing some light into the darkness.

Tiger Woods and Chanukah

Is a beautiful golf swing enough to make you a hero?

A Chanukah Menu

It's not about the food -- or is it?'s Chanukah Reader

A 10-page booklet to enlighten your Chanukah.

Beauty and the Greeks

What was the underlying conflict between Jewish and Greek philosophy?

Hanukkah - Chanukah Coloring Pages

What fun! Print out these Hanukkah coloring pages, color, and enjoy!

Chanukah Songs

Click on the song titles for lyrics and audio of your Hanukkah favorites!

The Ninth Candle

Why can't benefit be derived from the light of the menorah?

The Nature of Nature

What's the difference between nature and the miraculous?

Chanukah Unplugged

Our Chanukah candles shone extra-bright last year. That's because they were the only lights in our house.

Chanukah: Quick and Kosher

Recipes from the bride who knew nothing.

Chanukah: Crafting Jewish

Fun Chanukah craft ideas for the whole family.

The Triumph of Chanukah

Chanukah was established to commemorate the very opposite of cultural assimilation.

A Serious Game

A story that takes place in one of the caves where Jewish children would meet their rabbi every day to learn and study in secret.

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