Complete Rosh Hashana Menu

Run your life like I run my kitchen.

My Strange Request

In Elul anything is possible, even finding your soul mate.

Stalking True Atonement

Pulling our misdeeds out by their roots.

Seizing Change

By seizing change today, we might avoid the seizure tomorrow.

To Become Like Angels

On Yom Kippur we can taste spiritual perfection by relinquishing our innate ability to choose as we attempt to blend our own will with that of God's.

Dieting and Yom Kippur

Dieting as a paradigm for spiritual elevation.

Dreams and Limitations

Limitations seem part and parcel of the human condition. But are limitations inborn? Or is it something we learn?

Goat for Azazel

The ultimate choice of good vs. evil.

Shifting the Blame

Accepting personal responsibility for our actions is the cornerstone for lasting change.

Fasting on Yom Kippur

Guidelines for children and sick people who need to eat.

Hiding from God

Who is the master of your universe? A Rosh Hashanah meditation.

A Womb for the Soul

Inscribing ourselves in the book of life or death.

Why Round Challah?

Some surprising spiritual insights from the Rosh Hashanah challah.

Your First Rosh Hashanah?

A few inspiring words for the uninitiated.

Food Management for Rosh Hashana

With seven meals to prepare, keep it simple!

The Human Touch

A letter jolted me out of my complacency, reminding me that real change is truly possible.

Climbing to the Top

Answering Rosh Hashana's question: Did you do as much as you could with the gifts the Almighty gave you?

Go for the Gold

Achieving your personal victory this Rosh Hashana.

Nine Plus One

What does animal tithing have to do with Rosh Hashanah? Everything.

O.M.G. It's Already Rosh Hashana

Complete menus for the upcoming three-day holiday.

Understanding the High Holidays

The overarching theme of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur is "change:" to change from what we were before and to become new individuals.

Beyond Apples and Honey

Using symbolic foods to cook up real change for Rosh Hashanah.

Hearing the Shofar's Call

The shofar arouses the divine voice within, calling us back to our Source.

Yom Kippur Gratitude

Yom Kippur is all about remorse, contrition, and repentance. Where does gratitude fit into the picture?

Habits for a Highly Effective Yom Kippur

Take one step in breaking free from the entanglements of negative habits and you're guaranteed assistance from the Almighty.

Through the Gate of Tears

Actualizing your potential on the Days of Awe.

Becoming You

On Rosh Hashana, we pledge not to remain a cheap imitation of our 'old self.'

Blasting the Worm

Being hit with a major computer virus is no way to start the NewYear...or is it?

The Liberating Experience of Judgment

Yes these are Days of Awe, but they are days of exhilaration too.

Entering the Palace of the King

The gates are open, but the time is short. How do we merit the privilege of the king's presence?

On Anger

Anger, which can work so powerfully against happiness, is the very tool we've been given to get a handle on our invisible, elusive inner selves.

Amos the Righteous: A Yom Kippur Fable

Those who believe in the power of good deeds love to tell his story.

Fixing the World: Rosh Hashana Family Parsha

In our story a girl makes a change for the better, and is glad she did.

Whom We Hurt: A Yom Kippur Preparation

Most interactions are with people whose private pain is hidden from us. How can we make sure that we do not add to their distress with a harsh word?

Yom Tov Menu

An eclectic menu for Yom Tov that incorporates some of the symbolic foods eaten on Rosh Hashana.

Flying Low

Rebuilding your inner confidence in making -- and keeping! -- New Year's resolutions.

High Holidays Quiz for Kids

How well are you prepared for the High Holidays?

Fun Activities

Have fun with these mazes, puzzles, word search and more!

Ten Questions to Ask Yourself

Sometimes life is overwhelming and we need to put things back into focus. These 10 simple questions will do wonders.

Making God Your Bottom Line

The ultimate pleasure in life is to develop and strengthen your relationship with God. Sounds good. Now how do we do it?

Wake Up and Live

The new year begins a new sense of responsibility. How do we know what our responsibility is?!

Mastering One Mitzvah

The Torah prescribes 613 mitzvot. That's a big number by any measure. But in a sense, it only comes down to one.

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