Passover Hagaddah Coloring Pages

Print out these coloring pages and enjoy!

Planning Your Family Seder

Providing your children with the Seder experience you want them to have requires thinking ahead.

PODCAST: Making Seder Night Fun and Exciting

Rabbi Dovid Orlofsky on the biggest challenge for parents Seder night.

Passover Crafts

Fun holiday crafts for the whole family.

Taking the Cake

Bread isn't the only thing that can get puffy. People also sometimes puff themselves up by bragging and acting conceited. Matzah teaches us to un-puff ourselves.

Dr. Mitzvah - Passover

The delicious food for the Cedarville Seder is stolen!

Family Fun with the Ten Plagues

Add an experiential, dramatic element to the evening.

Passover Puzzle

Puzzles for the whole family to enjoy!

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