Tefillin in Hell

A 70-year saga of torture, escape and reunion.

Saved by a Prayer

One Jew's miraculous story.

Inside the Nuremberg Mind

As a young German Jewish soldier, Howard Triest witnessed unusual intimate encounters with evil.

Miracle of Israel #11 - Pressing the British

The British arrest Jewish leaders, and Eleanor Roosevelt visits the refugees.

Jewish Mothers in the Holocaust

There are no words to describe their valor, only prayers.

Her Name Was Klara Jasinski

My childhood view of a shattered, melodious life.

Long Lost Brothers

When they posted a photo on a Holocaust victims’ database, they never imagined where it would lead.

Miracle of Israel #9 - Clandestine Immigration

Jewish refugees make a secret, treacherous journey to the Promised Land.

Beyond Schindler’s List

How Schaja Kleinberg’s survived the Holocaust and saved a 400-year-old Torah scroll.

Miracle of Israel #10 - The Exodus Ship

The British refuse a boatload of desperate Holocaust survivors entry into Israel.

Why the Jews – Part 1

Understanding the root of the world's longest hatred.

Rabbi Lau’s Testimony of Faith

“You cannot explain one moment of my survival without miracles.”

The Baker's Tale

The remarkable story of a Jewish boy in the Holocaust and the non-Jewish family that saved him.

The Rescue of Bulgarian Jewry

How all 50,000 Bulgarian Jews were saved during the Holocaust.

The Holiest Generation

Who could define what it meant to be a survivor? I learned the answer from Rabbi Moshe Feinstein.

World's Greatest Love Story

Nancy and Howard Kleinberg's love story is nothing short of a miracle.

Voices from the Holocaust

True stories, passed down as a sacred oral tradition, that capture the Jewish spirit.

Back to Ukraine

A mass grave, 70 years later.

The Iasi Pogrom

My father was the chief rabbi where one of the most violent pogroms in Jewish history took place.

Haunting Fragments

My journey to the camps in Poland.

The Russian Invasion

Had we taken Hitler's book and speeches literally, we might have acted differently.

Little-known facts about The Third Reich

Some lesser-known facts, odd alliances, and daring rescues during the Third Reich.

The Eichmann Trial: 50 Years Later

A prosecutor and key witness reflect back on the event that transformed Israel.


How the Bielski Partisans built a village amidst the Nazi death machine.

Liquidation of Kamionka Labor Camp

Throughout the gunfire and screaming, I could hear a violin playing and a woman singing.

The German Jew Who Bombed Berlin

A true tale of escape, evasion and revenge.

Belzec: A Survivor

The Jews were packed into cattle cars and covered with lime, which burned their flesh right off the bones.

God Is Not a Babysitter

Believing in God after the Holocaust.

7 Lessons from the Holocaust

While the Holocaust was “uniquely unique,” there are important universal lessons to be acted upon.

Was the Holocaust Only Against Jews?

Is it accurate to refer to the Holocaust as a “War Against the Jews"?

Sometimes There are Tears in Color

The story of Leah Nebenzahl, a hidden child of the Holocaust.

The Brides of Bergen-Belsen

The bittersweet post-Holocaust weddings.

Sweet Revenge

Visiting a concentration camp, faced with overwhelming evil, I was filled with a bolt of anger. What is our revenge?

Zeidy’s Escape

My father's story of good and evil, despair and open miracle, and simple human kindness.

Circle of Faith

The incredible journey of a one-year-old Holocaust survivor.

Born in Auschwitz

A woman's miraculous birth in the death camp of Auschwitz.

A Sacred Remembrance

Shavuot was the day my grandmother arrived in Auschwitz.

The Child of Many Mothers

As a Holocaust survivor, Rena Quint strives to live her life to the fullest.

Hitler's Aides

How Christian teachings about Jews helped pave the road to the Holocaust.

A World Interrupted

A 14-year-old boy's terrifying first days of World War II.

When the Germans Entered the Town

The Germans' main objective was to humiliate the people and make them targets for vicious beatings.

Death March, Tisha B'Av 1944

Facing defeat, the Nazis marched 6,000 Jews. A survivor's account.

My Mother's Question

Why did I survive when so many others were killed?

The Lure of the Dark Side

Evil is never banal.

Angel of Orphans

One father. 100 children. 20 years. A story of epic proportions.

Miraculous Rescues

Any survivor has at least one miracle story. My father has several.

Miracle of Israel #12 - Public Opinion

American Jewry gets behind the Zionist cause, as the British defer to the United Nations.

Initiation Into Labor Camp Life

I started on the lower bunk. As more people were killed, space opened up on the upper bunks.

The Leica Freedom Train

How a German company quietly saved their Jewish employees.

My Holocaust Experience

A survivor tells his story for the very first time.

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