Smuggling Out Of Hell

Through ingenuity and chutzpah, one man saved lives in the Holocaust. His daughter tells how.

Hidden in Thunder

Those who took up arms weren't the only heroes in the Holocaust.

Miracle of Israel #13 - Soviets and the UN

An Iron Curtain goes up in eastern Europe, and the United Nations seeks a solution in Palestine.

Miracle of Israel #7 - Political Hopes

Ben Gurion brought the message of Zionism to the hopeless Holocaust refugees.

Miracle of Israel #8 - Jewish Response

The ragtag Jewish underground fights back against 100,000 British personnel.

Miracle of Israel #6 - British Refugee Policy

For fear of jeopardizing oil interests, the British refuse to allow Jews into Israel.

Miracle of Israel #5 - Homeless and Stateless

The survivors' desperate attempts to locate lost relatives.

Miracle of Israel #4 - Rebuilding the Community

Jewish refugees seek shelter back in Poland or in DP camps.

Exposing Auschwitz

Rudolf Vrba's report saved 200,000 Hungarian Jews. It could have saved three times that number.

Humanity's Litmus Test

We cannot write the future. Only our children can do that.

Miracle of Israel #1 - Aftermath of the Holocaust

Liberating the camps, and the Nuremberg trials. (Viewer discretion is advised.)

Miracle of Israel #3 - Test of Faith

The flame that sustained the Jews in the darkest days.

The Holocaust Bride

The true story of a worn-out parachute, resurrected as a magnificent wedding gown.

Stamped for Life

Defying the Samurai code of honor, Chiune Sugihara risked everything to save Jewish lives.

"Remember Your Heritage!"

How I survived in war-time Hungary by posing as a non-Jew.

The Counterfeiters

Germany's highly guarded counterfeiting scheme aimed at toppling the British economy.

Anchor for Survival

During those perilous years, the Torah kept me alive.

My Cousin Karlchen

The Nazis' plans to perfect the Aryan race began with little Karl and his friends.

A Woven Memoir

Tapestry survived war that ripped family apart.

Irena's Children

Irena Sendler is a 97-year-old Polish woman who saved 2,500 Jewish children during the Holocaust.

Wrestling with Suffering

Jewish philosophical approaches to one of life's fundamental questions.

Why My Father Ran

My father began running when he was a young boy fleeing from the Nazis.

In Death's Shadow

Heroism and sanctification of God's Name in the Holocaust.

Life and Death Choices

Moral dilemmas in the face on Nazi terror.

Forged in Hell

At 16, Sonia Shainwald fled impending slaughter and risked her life as a Jewish partisan fighter.

The Story of a Prayer

A Seder in Bergen-Belsen.

Who Will Save the Baby?

A yeshiva student's heroic choice.

Remembering the Holocaust: 6 Key Lessons

Indifference in the face of evil is complicity with evil.

The Rose that Never Blossomed

A recently published Holocaust diary that wavers between hope and despair.

Nighttime with Zaidy

Sleep provides no respite from the past.


Over 6 decades after the Holocaust, a brother and sister are reunited.

Poland Video Log Part 8: Final Thoughts

Reflections on the Holocaust from the Jewish Quarter of Krakow.

Poland Video Log Part 7: The Barracks

Next time you're having a bad day, think of Barracks-3.

Poland Video Log Part 6: Auschwitz

Where cattle cars brought 1.2 million Jews for extermination.

Lulek: Child of Buchenwald

Rabbi Yisrael Lau talks about the childhood he never had and 10 images engraved forever in his memory.

Poland Video Log Part 5: Yeshiva in Lublin

The Nazis burned our books, but could not extinguish our souls.

Poland Video Log Part 4: The Best Job in Majdanek

Cutting the grass underneath an electrified fence.

Poland Video Log Part 3: Warsaw Ghetto

The systematic destruction of Poland's largest Jewish community.

Poland Video Log Part 2: Shoes

In Majdanek: One barrack. 200,000 shoes.

Back to the Shtetl

A pilgrimage to discover my family's roots that the Nazis tried to destroy.

The Silence of God

"Where was God in those days?" asked the pope. Here's a possible answer.

Quest of a Lifetime

A recent trip to Poland reveals a chilling tale of murder and salvation.

The Road to Neunburg

There is no gentle way to tell the story of what happened during World War II in this small Bavarian town.

Zeide, Did You Cry?

My grandfather's gradual descent to Auschwitz.

Determined to Fight

At a young age, Ben Kamm faced some of he most difficult choices a person may be asked to make.

It's a Sin to Waste

For some survivors, the war was never over.

My Grandfather's Diary of Hate

Little did I know that my grandfather, a British officer stationed in Palestine in 1943, was a Nazi sympathizer.

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