Child of Survivors

My parents saw in me the totality of their hopes and dreams.

The Final Solution on Tisha B'av

The Holocaust is rooted in the destruction of the Temple -- which caused a loss of moral clarity in humanity.

The Assassination Attempt

The payback for a good deed comes 25 years later.


Holocaust memorials usually fail to convey something vital: Europe's Jews didn't just die; they lived, too.

The Executioner

Shalom Nagar sprung the gallows under Adolf Eichmann over 40 years ago. To this day the scene plays itself over and over in minute detail.

Opening My Memory Vault

For 50 years, Leah Kaufman's war experiences were locked in the vault of her memory, until she forced herself to teach the Holocaust to her fourth grade class.

Fighting Back

Gertrude Boyarski: From Frail Girl to Partisan Fighter

The Day of My Victory

For me, a Holocaust survivor, completing the Talmud testifies loudly and clearly that we Jews are an eternal people, indestructible and everlasting.

Rebbetzin Jungreis on the Holocaust

As the new Yad Vashem museum opens, a survivor of Bergen-Belsen speaks of Jewish courage, resistance and triumph.

The Death March

My mother, an ashen-faced skeleton of her former self, constantly repeated the words which became my life's mission: "You must live, you must remember, you must tell the world!"

A Factory for Death

What was the worst thing about Auschwitz?

Pharaoh and the Final Solution

Eerie parallels between the biblical story and the Nazi's Wannsee Conference.

The Japanese Convert

One of World War II's most unusual heroes.

How I Survived the Kovno Ghetto

How a teenager carved out hiding places and executed a split-second escape plan.

The Survivor

As a child of survivors, I am the pain, fear and atrocities, once removed.

The Children's Ark

With the outbreak of WWII, two alien worlds came together as 500 Jewish children were hosted by Christian families in the British countryside.

Does the Holocaust Still Matter?

Crucial lessons for humanity to remember always.'s Holocaust Studies

Comprehensive historical overview, personal testimonies, thought-provoking articles and educational resources.

Profile of a Jewish Partisan

At 21, Frank Blaichman became a platoon commander, risking his life fighting the German army.

Bubbie, Tell Me Your Life

Leah Kaufman's story of unfathomable horror and courage remained locked in memory's vault for half a century, until her granddaughter started asking her questions.

Kristallnacht And The World's Response

The free world's muted reaction to the Kristallnacht pogrom foreshadowed the terrible silence with which it would greet the Nazis' Final Solution.

The American Axis

How Henry Ford and Charles Lindbergh contributed to the Nazi cause.

The Protected Rabbi

Why the Nazi's paid a life-long pension to a chassidic rabbi, and provided stormtroopers to safeguard his yeshiva.

Evidence For Posterity

Harvard's Nuremberg site counters Holocaust deniers.

Tribute to Simon Wiesenthal

What is behind the man who brought 1,100 war criminals to justice?

Why the Jews

The shocking explanation for the world's longest hatred. View the entire seminar.

The Six Million Kedoshim

Why we refer to those who perished in the Holocaust as "kedoshim."

The Survivor

Despite my grandfather's reluctance to talk about his miraculous survival, a remarkable story of Divine providence emerged.

A Letter to Hitler

What makes my brother's newborn daughter so special is that nearly 60 years ago, you tried to prevent her from ever being.

Diplomats of Uncommon Courage

Diplomacy played a shameful role in paving the way for the Holocaust. But there were a few diplomats who displayed extraordinary moral courage.

Blood Libel in Poland, 1945

Hearing of modern-day "Blood Libels" in the Arabic press reminds me of a painful experience I had in postwar Poland in 1945.

Like Sheep To The Slaughter

Instead of a badge of shame, the true meaning of the phrase refers to Jewish valor in the darkest times.

Inhuman "Humanities"

The world's most cultured people were known for the most inhuman behavior.

Kristallnacht & Kicking the Jews Out

The screws tighten against German Jewry, culminating in the Night of Broken Glass.

The Ghettos

Nazi plans for the Jews become increasingly murderous and barbaric.

Belzec: The Forgotten Camp

Not much is known about Belzec, where as many as one million Jews perished. No one survived to tell.

Historical Background: Rise of Hitler

Germany’s defeat in World War I produced fertile ground for a Nationalistic movement.

Deportation to the Camps

Cattle cars stuffed with human cargo became rolling death wagons.

Allied Rescue Efforts

In spite of the war effort, nothing was done to halt the transports to the camps.

Jewish Resistance & Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

Putting to rest the canard that Jews went “as sheep to the slaughter.”


Numerous sources on the Holocaust allow for further research to expose the horrors carried out against the Jews.

Slave Labor

Those Jews fortunate enough to escape immediate death, were subjected to back-breaking labor, morning till night.

The Final Solution

The Nazi decision to brutally exterminate every single Jew.

Gas Chambers and Crematoria

The Nazi murder machine operated at peak efficiency.

German Expansion & War

Hitler’s insatiable appetite swallows up most of Europe.

Germany against the Jews

Hatred of the Jews was codified into law.

Final Days of War & Liberation

Final acts of hatred preceded the long-awaited liberation.

Understanding the Holocaust

In approaching this most difficult of issues, we confront the very foundations of our lives.

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