Scientific Jew Hatred

Even German science was twisted against the Jews.

Uniqueness of the Holocaust

What makes this different from any other event in history?

Six Million: The Problem With Numbers

Do the enormous numbers of the Holocaust depersonalize it?

The Silence of the Lamb

Could the victims somehow be seen as accomplices in their own death?

Nuremberg Trials: Pursuit of Justice

What happens when there is a conflict between human values and the law of the land?

The Eichmann Trial

The trial of the man who Hitler chose to carry out the "Final Solution".

Silence of the World

One of Hitler's greatest allies in the holocaust was the indifference of the world.

Like Sheep: Why Didn't You Fight?

A survivor's gives his personal answer to this often-asked question.

Should They Have Tried To Escape?

A survivor explains that freedom was not worth the horrible price.

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