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Post Yom Tov Weigh-in

Jtube: Mr. Rogers, 9/11 and Tikkun Olam

Does speaking out against evil make a difference?

Jewish Ways to Lose Weight After the Holidays

The Anti-Simcha Diet is where you don’t go to any family functions. That’s 5 pounds right there.

Jtube: Chopped: Kosher Edition

What do you think about Rachel competing on Chopped?

Superman vs. the Nazis: How Comics Influenced American Public Opinion

According to Gerald Hartman, Jewish American artists used their comic books to urge America to join World War II to save their brethren in Europe.

Top Sukkot Decorations

From the paper chain to the ushpizin poster to the Christmas lights, I’ve got your Sukkah covered.

Sukkah Q & A

People need advice for Sukkot. Jewish men are building houses, keeping plants alive, and dancing in public, none of which they know how to do.

The Jazz Singer, Yom Kippur & the History of Film

On October 6, 1927, the day before Yom Kippur, “The Jazz Singer” electrified the audience as the first official feature-length film in sound.

So Sorry

You know that your apology is downright awful if you then have to apologize for your apology.

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Dedicated in blessed memory of Richard Allen Julis who made us laugh and made us better Jews.

Old Morty Hubberman was walking along the beach and found an old bottle washed up on the shore. He picked it up and opened it, and a genie popped out and said "Thanks! You know the drill... you've got three wishes. The only catch is, whatever you ask for, your ex-wife Myrna will get double."

Morty thought about this for a minute and said, "OK, fair enough. For my first wish I'd like a million dollars." Poof! A million for him, two million for Myrna.

"OK, how about your next wish?" asked the genie. "Well, I think I'd like a mansion by the sea." Once again, everything went as expected - he got his mansion, and then Myrna got two.

"What would you like for your last wish?" asked the genie.

"My last wish,” Morty said as he thought for a moment, “is that I'd like you to scare me half to death!"

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