Moving Day, Oy Vey!

My son leaves for college in about a month and I’m not sure how two klutzes like us are going to handle it.

Jewish Feng Shui

Lotus Touts vs. Jewish Touts.

Look, Ma! No Hands!

Google has invented the self driving car. Wait, so whose picture is on the license?

The New Yiddish Dictionary

New Yiddish words for Jewish young adults – like…blogshert!

Edward Snowden and my Bubbie Yetta

Why the best asylum offer for Edward Snowden is the one from my Bubbie Yetta.

Keeping it Kosher

Food and beverage companies are scrambling to go kosher to capture the lucrative kosher market.

Oh, Concierge!

Actual results of a recent poll of hotel managers as to the strangest objects people have ever requested from the concierge.

Are They Listening?

Has anyone who’s against the NSA’s policy of phone and email tapping come up with a better way to find terrorists?

Saving Energy

My wife and I are trying come up with ideas to save energy. But all of this thinking requires a lot of, well, energy.

Camp Mom

What if there was a summer camp for moms?

Inconceivable Incentives

Least-popular incentives offered to attract new members to Jewish communities.

Aging Ungracefully

In the 1960’s they used to say “Don’t trust anyone over 30”; Now, they say “Don’t trust anyone who looks older than 30!”

Don’t Ask the In-Laws This

Five questions you should never ask your child’s prospective in-laws.

Teens in Space

A teenager is a formerly sweet and obedient child who turns into an extra-terrestrial, overnight.

Forget Me Not

Remembering to count the days between Passover and Shavuot can be tricky. But I’ve got a plan!

My “Farflucket” List

Some people have a “bucket list; I have a “farflucket list.”

Jew in a Box

The least popular Jewish performance art pieces of all time.

Not So Smart-Tech

Next-generation technology is watching you. Behave, or else!

Jewish Paraprosdokians 2

40 more paraprosdokians for the articulate Jew.

Fast and Furious

Enhancing your productivity by doing things faster.

The Gift of Kvetch III

Confessions from a creative kvetcher…

Jumping the Gefilte

Ever heard the expression “Jumping the Shark”? Now introducing…”Jumping the Gefilte!”

Trimming the Fat

Passover is coming, so eat everything you can!

Confessions of a Jewish Food Hoarder

I hope living a life trying to do mitzvahs whites out hoarding a few soy sauce packets.

Why Is This Luxury Resort Different From All Others?

While my body would love to go away for Passover, my soul enjoys making Seders at home.

License to Smile

Time for my favorite errand – a trip to the Department of Motor Vehicles!

The Kabbalah of Lego

My son’s decision to move from Playmobil to Lego is a metaphor for our society. Really.

Dressed for Success

Purim is here, and it’s about time you gave some serious thought to the subject of costumes.

Jewish Royalty: The “Middlesteins?”

Will the next prince or princess of England actually be Jewish?

Like, Whatever

The two most irritating words in the English language.

Armed, But Not Dangerous

Why do people think I’m a menace?

Coalition of the Willing?

The Jewlarious guide to the 2013 Israeli election and Benjamin Netanyahu’s coalition options.

Lost and Found

My 8 surefire tips to finding whatever you’ve lost. Guaranteed!

Thinness: We’re Just Not That Into You

Fewer Americans are dieting now than in recent years. If you ask me, that’s very healthy.

My Challenge to Israeli Scientists

Sure Israeli scientists have invented some amazing technologies, but how much better off would we be with these?

The One-Week No Cell Phone Challenge

Could you survive an entire week without your cell phone? One man survives to tell the tale.

The Jewish Infomercial

Infomercials are so unJewish. Here are my pitches for some Jewish infomercial products.

Say What?

Do the things we tell our kids even make sense? Short answer: no.

Jew Year’s Resolutions

I won’t call the FBI if a loved one is 10 minutes late. 15 minutes, maybe.

The Nana Chronicles

First time grandmother Judy Gruen finds out that looking after a newborn is harder than she remembers.

The Top 8 Jewish News Stories in 2012

As a public service, I’ve researched and selected the top Jewish stories of 2012 so you won’t have to. You’re welcome.

The Gift of Kvetch: Part II

Confessions from a creative kvetcher.

Interview with the Next Hamas “Head of Security”

Given the longevity of his predecessors, Shahabi opens up about his fears and plans for the future.

You Never Call

I never call my parents. At least that’s what my parents believe.

Balance of Power

One man’s take on his experience during Hurricane Sandy and the following blackout.

The Gift of Kvetch

Kvetching is a necessary part of life! Here’s why…

Jewish James Bond

The name is Bondstein. Shlomo Bondstein.

No, I Don’t Work Here

Ever since I was a teenager, people have been coming up to me in stores and assuming that I worked there.

Driving Me Crazy

When my kids drive me, they drive me crazy.


In every Jewish committee, there’s always one of these…

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