A Little Something on the Side
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A Little Something on the Side

One day, Nathan sits down at a table in "Minky's Kosher Restaurant." He's never eaten there before but has such a fantastic meal that he decides he will always eat there. Being a friendly and generous person, he quickly becomes the restaurant's favorite customer. Victor the manager even reserves a special table for him and every day over the next ten years, Nathan could be seen eating there.

But then business at Minky's begins to fall off and Victor decides to do some marketing. He puts a notice in the window that reads:


Business immediately picks up. All is going well again. But then one day, oy veh, Nathan doesn't turn up and Victor begins to worry. When Nathan doesn't turn up the next day either, Victor tries to call him, but gets no reply. Victor phones not only the local hospital but also Nathan's daughter in Israel. But no one knows where Nathan might be.

When Nathan doesn't turn up at the restaurant for the third day in a row, Victor panics. He's just about to call the police when he looks out his window and sees Nathan on the other side of the street going into "Rokeys Kosher Restaurant."

Victor immediately leaves his restaurant, crosses the road and goes into Rokeys. He spots Nathan at a corner table, goes over to him, and angrily asks, "What's the meaning of this Nathan? Where have you been the last three nights? We've all been worried sick about you. Couldn't you have called or something? And what on earth are you doing in here of all places? Didn't I tell you that Rokey and I are bitter sworn enemies? What have you got to say for yourself?"

"Calm down Victor," says Nathan. "I had a bad tooth ache the other day and went to see my dentist. He checked my tooth and said I needed a root canal. After removing the infected nerve, he gave me some pills and said it was very important that I eat on the other side for the next few days. So here I am."

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