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The Righteous Taxi Driver

Rabbi Shmuel dies and is now standing in a line of people waiting to find out whether they are going to heaven - a line containing, among others, the righteous, academics, religious leaders, and the virtuous. As Rabbi Shmuel looks around, he sees an angel bowing and speaking reverently to a rather rough looking man. The angel then leads this man to the front of the line.

Rabbi Shmuel is very surprised by this action. "How odd," he says to himself. "It seems that this ordinary looking man is going to get precedence over all of us here. Who can this man be?"

The angel notices the look of surprise on Rabbi Shmuel's face and so goes over to him and says, "I know it looks a bit odd, rabbi, but this man is a taxi driver."

"But if that is all, why does it make him a special person?" asks Rabbi Shmuel.

"Let me explain, rabbi," replies the angel. "It's simple really. We obviously realise up here that in your lifetime, you have influenced quite a lot of people and explained to them why they should believe in Hashem. But the thousands of people who have travelled in this man's taxi immediately began to pray with 100% total sincerity."

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