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  • Torah Reading: Naso
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Stop or I’ll Shoot!

Shmuel and his long suffering wife Golda are lining up in their local bank when, oy vey, two gonifs (thiefs) run into the bank. Each is wearing a handkerchief around his mouth and nose and each has is wielding a gun.

One of them points his gun at the customers and shouts out, "Listen all of you, stop screaming or else!"

There is instant silence. His colleague then runs over to a cashier and yells at him, "put all the money you have in your till on the counter."

The cashier immediately complies and the gonif starts to fill up his sack with the money. But as he's doing this, his handkerchief slips off.

As he repositions his handkerchief, he says to the cashier, "I'm sorry to do this, but you must have seen my face." He then shoots him.

Then turning to the now fear stricken customers, he says, "I hope no one else saw my face."

After a few moments of silence, a voice is heard. It's Golda's. She shouts out, "I think my husband Shmuel might have caught a glimpse of you."

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