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Taste the Soup!

It's lunchtime and 70 year old Moshe walks into Minky's Diner for his daily bowl of matzo ball soup. Moshe always goes to Minky's for his soup. He is also always punctual - so much so that the waiters always know he is coming in and always have his table and his soup ready for him.

As usual, Moshe sits down at his table and smiles at Steve, his regular waiter. Almost immediately, a bowl of soup is placed in front of Moshe. But this time, as Steve is walking away, Moshe quickly calls him back to his table.

"Please taste this soup." Moshe says to Steve.

"Why?" asks Steve. "What's the matter with the soup? It's the same soup as you always have."

"Please taste the soup," Moshe says again to Steve.

"But there's nothing wrong with your soup. It's been made the same way we always make it," says Steve.

"For the third time, Steve, I ask you to please taste the soup," says Moshe.

"Alright then… if you insist," says Steve, looking around the table. "But where's the spoon?"

"Ah hah," shouts Moshe with a big smile on his face.

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