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She Drives Me Crazy

It's a beautiful summer's day and Izzie decides to take his wife Ruth and his mother Estelle for a drive through the Catskills. Estelle and Ruth get into the back seats of his car and Izzie waits until they have both buckled their seat belts. Then, almost as soon as he's put the car into gear, Ruth shouts out to him, "Izzie, you're going too slow! Can't you go a little bit faster?"

But then, within minutes, Estelle shouts, "Izzie, please slow down."

A little later, Ruth shouts, "Izzie, you need to keep closer to the curb."

And almost immediately, Estelle shouts, "Izzie, don't you think you are too near to the curb? You might hit it."

Then Ruth shouts, "Izzie, could you please put on the radio."

And seconds later, Estelle shouts, "No Izzie. I don't like the radio being on. I want peace and silence in the car."

Izzie can't keep quiet any longer and says, "Ruth, who is driving this car, you or my mother?

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