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On One Leg

On the 5th floor at Maimonides Hospital all the patients were not only in bed, but they also had one of their legs suspended in a sling above them. One day, Moishe the consultant, together with some of his staff, was making his rounds on the 5th floor. Moishe stopped at the first bed and pulled and twisted the patient's suspended leg. The patient screamed in agony. This was repeated along the row of beds, while each patient screamed and yelled during the examination.

Moishe finally reached the last bed. This was occupied by Emanuel. But when Emanuel's suspended leg is pulled and twisted as was done to all the others, Emanuel remained silent and smiling throughout the procedure.

When Moishe and his entourage left the ward, all the patients congratulated Emanuel on his bravery and fortitude.

But Emanuel responded by telling them, "Brave/shmave – I saw what the consultant was doing to you, so I switched my legs and put my good leg in the sling."

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