The Most Famous Person in the World

Moishe got a new job and one afternoon soon after he started, he entered John Cooper’s office and declared: "Boss, I know everybody in the world."

Obviously, John didn't believe him and replied, "Everybody in the whole world?"

Moishe said, "Yes sir, and you can choose anyone, and I will prove it."

After a moment, John said, "I bet you don't know Madonna."

Moishe said, "I talk to her very often by e-mail, and what's more we've had dinner together. Now we are friends."

John decided to uncover the ruse, so he bought 2 tickets to Hollywood and they went to Madonna's house. Madonna personally opened the door. She opened her arms and said, "Oh Moishe, what a surprise! Come in, you and your friend." They spent a very nice afternoon there.

But John wasn't convinced. He thought that it could just have been a coincidence, so he said, "How about President Obama?"

"Barak?!" said Moishe. "Of course. We’ve been friends since college. We play basketball together.”

John almost lost his cool and decided that this one he had to see immediately. They flew to Washington and as soon as they landed, they took a cab to the White House. There, they went to see a press conference where Obama was making a speech. At the end, Obama happened to take a look in Moishe's direction. Moishe shouted, "Barack! Barack!” and Obama, with a smile, shouted back: "What’s up Moishe, you want to shoot some hoops later?"

John was bewildered – he couldn't believe it. But he thought the chances that Moishe knew everybody in the world were billions to one. He decided to use a final test: The Pope. Moishe couldn't know the Pope.

But Moishe said he knew the Pope – they became friendly when Moishe was living in Argentina. So they flew to the Vatican and there, in the middle of thousands of people, the Pope interrupted his prayer. John could see his lips saying "Moishe" with a smile in his face. The Pope opened his arms and called Moishe to come close to him by the veranda. Moishe was there, looking for John and he saw the exact moment when John fainted. The Pope blessed Moishe, Moishe kissed the Pope's hand and ran to where John was lying.

When John woke up, Moishe asked what had happened. John, sweating and still confused, looked at Moishe and finally said: "I have accepted Madonna, I have accepted President Obama. Even the Pope I have accepted! But I couldn't stand it anymore when here, in the middle of the crowd, a random person asked me "Who is this guy dressed all in white, by the veranda, close to Moishe?

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