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Life’s a Beach

As it's a lovely sunny day, Miriam and Moishe decide to take their little 3 year old son Shmuel to the beach. They find a nice place in the sands, put up their umbrella, sit on their deckchairs, and start to relax. Shmuel is very excited and immediately starts to run towards the sea.

"Shmuel," shouts Miriam, "don't go near the water. If you do, you will drown!"

Shmuel walks slowly back to his parents.

A few minutes later, Shmuel grabs hold of his spade and starts digging in the sand.

"Shmuel," shouts Miriam, "don't play in the sand. If you do, you'll get sand in your eyes and then well have to take you to the doctor!"

Sadly, Shmuel puts down his spade.

A few minutes later, Shmuel sits down on his little deckchair and starts to sunbathe.

"Shmuel," shouts Miriam, "come out of the sun. If you don't, you'll get sunburnt and that could lead to skin cancer."

As Shmuel walks sadly and slowly towards the sun umbrella, Miriam turns to Moishe and quietly says to him, "Oy vey Moishe! Such a nervous child Shmuel is turning out to be."

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